Heart, Print, and Style: Bold And Colorful Plus-Size Style
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Heart, Print, and Style: Bold And Colorful Plus-Size Style

On her fashion blog Heart, Print, and Style, blogger Vivi shows off her love of bright colors, fun prints, and trendy pieces. She's never scared to try out a new print or silhouette, but all of her outfits are easy to recreate in your own life. Vivi exemplifies the versatility of fashion - she rocks a tailored work outfit just as easily as a breezy dress for a day off. As a plus sized blogger, she inspires readers by showing them how you can rock cute, trendy items no matter what your size. Her Instagram posts add a little positivity to any feed. 

Vivi has Nigerian American heritage and is from the DC area. In addition to her love of fashion, she's also a travel lover and a social butterfly. On her blog, she shares posts from her favorite travel destinations, and she also documents the fun events she gets to attend in the industry. She's also an entertainment lover, and frequently shares her favorite music, TV shows, and more on her blog. She even does red carpet roundups from some of the biggest entertainment events to give you even more luxury fashion inspiration. Her friendly, down-to-earth posts draw you in and make you want to keep reading. 

This chic outfit is perfect for a day out in the city. The silky printed bomber jacket steals the show here, adding a bit of sass to a simple outfit. A white T-shirt and high waisted jeans keep the outfit comfortable, but the little bralette peeking out from under the top adds interest and a little touch of sexiness. The bedazzled block heels elongate the legs while still being easy to walk in, and they leave a little bit of sparkle anywhere you go. 

You often think of kimonos as a piece you wear on vacation, but Vivi shows us how to wear it from day-to-day with this flattering look. In the post, she talks about how versatile the kimono is, and how she's been able to rock it season after season with many different looks. The sheer, flowy cut adds a touch of femininity to any outfit, and the belt helps you cinch and define your waist. By rocking it with a subtly girly lace top, classic blue denim, and black ankle strap shoes, Vivi has created a look that you could easily take from casual Friday at work to happy hour with friends. 

As a plus-sized fashionista, you want to find clothing that complements your body and shows it off, rather than hiding it under extra volume. Vivi always knows how to find incredibly flattering pieces, and this outfit is a perfect example. This boldly printed pencil skirt makes her legs look miles long and would brighten up any rainy spring day. A sweet purple top and bold white sunnies complete this easy and fun outfit. You could wear this almost anywhere and look extra stylish. 

Browsing Vivi's blog is a great way to put a smile on your face, with so many bright colors and charming prints, as well as some fun entertainment reviews. Her posts are the perfect example of an authentic OOTD that still looks fresh off the runway. 

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