Top 10 Tennessee Fashion Bloggers
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Top 10 Tennessee Fashion Bloggers

Tennessee is known for many things— Country music, Southern food and agriculture, to name a few. But get ready to add "great style" near the top of that list, because Tennessee is home to a strong network of influencers helping to grow and shape the local fashion and beauty scene! 

Nashville and Memphis are at the forefront of Tennessee's fashion movement, but the truth is that great style lives all over the Volunteer State. While Tennessee style certainly does exude that famous Southern charm, it also thrives from a blend of local innovation and international influences. 

We've compiled a list of the top 10 fashion bloggers in the state of Tennessee. This list is not meant to be a ranking system or read in any particular order, but rather as a callout to some of the best fashionistas Tennessee has to offer!

Each of them has their own unique voice and offers major style inspiration. Enjoy!

McKenzie Janes - Kenzie Said What

Tennessee-born McKenzie Janes or "Kenzie" is going to be honest with you. Her blog, Kenzie Said What, covers both fashion and food, because that's just where her heart led her. Speaking of following her heart, Kenzie's also been traveling the country (she's currently in Alaska) in support of her Coast Guard husband, but she's still a Tennessee girl at heart!

So what does this foodie and fashionista's style look like? It's very much all American! Speaking to her travel influences and honest, down-to-earth manner, Kenzie's outfits feature classic prints like stripes and polka dots, comfortable fabrics and plenty of denim. 

Take a look at her instagram (@kenziesaidwhat), and there's a whole collage of even more amazing everyday looks. In the meantime, check out the one we've pulled here!

Kenzie's so down-to-earth that she called herself "awkward" in this photo, but we can't help but love this outfit. It's effortlessly classic and looks like it walked out of an Americana-themed magazine. And it's a combo of basic pieces!

On their own, the white button-down shirt, boot-cut jeans and black belt don't appear to be all that stunning. Assembled like this, however, and they make for one stunning streetwear look. The belt adds a touch of depth, while the light wash of the jeans are balanced with the even lighter shirt.

We love how Kenzie finished off this look with a pair of platform sandals (they appear to be wedges), making the outfit appear polished and intentional. Nicely done! 

Mallory Ervin - Mallory Ervin

Mallory Ervin first gained fame in 2009 as the titleholder of Miss Kentucky, finishing as fourth runner-up in the 2010 Miss America competition. She then went on to compete multiple times in The Amazing Race! These days, however, this adventurous Kentucky girl spends her time living and enjoying life as a Nashville, Tennessee resident and running her eponymous blog, Mallory Ervin

It's no surprise that this former beauty queen and reality TV star has a closet full of sleek and polished looks. Nevertheless, we find ourselves more drawn to Mallory's more casual side. She's a mother with a family now, and many of her more recent looks reflect functionality and comfort along with great style. 

From soothing soft-toned pastels to beautiful floral prints, Mallory's looks are inspirational to women everywhere. Here's one of our recent favorites from her instagram, @malloryervin

Mallory's pregnant in this photo, and she's killing it! She's wearing a short, high-waisted leopard print skirt that looks both comfortable and stylish, topped with a simple black shirt. She adds an extra dose of casual with a loose, long denim shirt worn like an open sweater.  

Notice how Mallory accessorized this look simply, with just a long necklace and her light brown flat sandals speaking for added detail. The outfit really doesn't need anything beyond this, but you could add a pair of the trendiest sunglasses to make it your own! And of course, it's hard to want any more accessories when your smile is as big as Mallory's!

Olivia May Bell - OMB

Run by West Knox blogger Olivia May Bell, OMB is a one-stop-shop for all things style, beauty and lifestyle! Her website is full of useful hair styling tips, wedding advice and travel details, along with a plethora of great fashion posts! 

With her experience as a young mother, her love of colorful outfits and her contagious smiles, Olivia's style is full of joy and down-to-earth realness. Take a look at her instagram (@oliviamaybell), and you'll find a cheerful array of bright colors and playful prints for warm weather. Her go-to pieces are short, flowy dresses, pieces with bows and ties, and plenty of shorts and tank top combos!

Here's an Olivia outfit that we'd like to steal for our warm weather looks.

Loose, front-tie palazzo-style pants are very in style right now, and Olivia showcases her pair the right way in this look. The blue of these pants would not stand out as much had she gone with a print shirt or even just a solid color other than black. The black tank top is simple in design but slightly loose to complement the airy feel of the pants. 

She finishes the look off simply but still keeps the outfit coordinated, with a pair of dark aviator sunglasses and pair of flat black strap platform sandals. We love how casual and no-fuss this look is, and it also helps to show off her amazing hair!

Bianca Gale - Curvaceously Bee

Born and raised in Memphis, Bianca Gale is a Tennessee girl through and through! Her blog, Curvaceously Bee, is a tribute to plus-size fashion and is all about where "curves meet southern charm".  

Bianca launched her blog just a few years ago in 2014, but her dedication to showcasing plus-size looks has made her popular with audiences around the world (she has followers in Europe and Africa). 

Take a look at Bianca's instagram, @Curvaceouslybee, and her passion is felt across each outfit. Whether she's wearing a pantsuit, a beautiful print dress or casual denim, Bianca's looks are both eye-catching and inspirational!

This look is pink all over and daringly proves that going with one bold color scheme can work when you have the right pieces. Here, the bright pink dress is eye-catching all on its own with its peplum flare bottom, geometric print and front tie. However, Bianca kicks things up a notch by adding in some bright pink accessories!

Look closely, and you'll see that her earrings have both pink and red in them to make a statement. Her ankle strap shoes are also so deep pink that they appear almost red, though we like how they are relatively simple in design so the look doesn't appear too busy overall. 

Finally, the pink crossbody-style bag draped off of her shoulder makes it clear that, yes, this look is boldy and proudly hot pink!

Carmeon Hamilton - Cohesive Randomness

It's hard not to instantly like the blog, Cohesive Randomness. Memphis blogger Carmeon Hamilton describes her project as "A little bit of everything and nothing", chronicling her attempts to make the randomness in her life "pleasantly cohesive". It's a departure from traditional fashion and lifestyle blogs for sure, and we're digging it.

Carmeon's style is representative of her personality, in that her looks consist of random pieces that come together in one fluid outfit. Look closely at the outfit photos on her instagram, @nubiinteriors (she is also an interior decorator), and you'll see that each piece in them seems to tell a story. 

Most noticeable at first are the red slingback pumps. They have a timeless quality to them and could easily be from any number of decades, and they provide the outfit with a sense of romance and daring intrigue.

Next, we notice the distressed raw hem jeans. Their lighter wash also gives them classic appeal, but the open rips in the knees is very current in modern style. We also love how they contrast with the shoes and keep the outfit casual. 

Carmeon tops the look with a simple white blouse with cuffed sleeves and side slits. This keeps the outfit looking fresh yet casual, and it helps to showcase the other pieces. 

Last but not least, Carmeon accessorizes this outfit with both a watch and a couple of bracelets on the same hand. This gives the casual look some bling, and it also adds to the funky vibes of the outfit as a whole. 

Jen Saviano - Miss Lifestyler

Nashville girl Jen Saviano just wants you to live your best life and look good along the way! That's why her blog, Miss Lifestyler, is as much about finding joy and inspiration in everyday life as it is about fashion. Jen's seeking a "happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle", and she wants her audience to do so as well!

Jen's outfits are everyday glamorous, and even her streetwear looks consist of dreamy colors and chic fabrics. Once you start scrolling through her instagram, @jensav11, it's hard to stop! Whether she's traveling to exotic places around the world or just kicking back in Tennessee, her looks are eye-catching and always on point.

Here's one of our favorite outfits, though honestly it was hard to choose!

Nashville may be a modern city of music, but it still has deep Southern roots and a wild side. This outfit seems to tell the story of the city's unique style and cowboy free spirit!

The over-the-knee western style boots are truly eye-catching with their side fringe and multi-tone colors. Jen showcases the boots even further by pairing them with very short high-rise denim shorts and a thin black belt

But Jen didn't stop there. She added further details to the outfit with a bold wide-brimmed black hat and a sleeveless graphic black tee. Stunning!

Amber Ponciroli - Rag Pepper

Amber Ponciroli is not just a fashion influencer and the mind behind the Rag Pepper blog; she's a professional personal stylist and costume designer in Nashville!

Of course, this pro has great style when it comes to her own personal wardrobe. Her looks are sleek and frequently showcase Amber's love of great shape and classic prints. Polka dots and stripes are frequently seen, as are chic blazers and trendy jackets.

It was difficult to pinpoint just one of her great looks on instagram (@ragpepper) as an example, but here's the one we chose!

Classic Amber, this look is all about incorporating different prints and shapes. The plaid blazer and multi-color thick striped skirt are so different and yet they appear drawn together seamlessly (the brown belt helps to achieve this). 

Peeking out from underneath the blazer, Amber adds even more depth and dimension with an animal print blouse and black necktie. The cat eye tortoise shell sunglasses seem to give a slight nod the unexpected print while still offering their own level of dimension, and the broad rimmed hat on top provides a nice finishing touch. 

We don't know where exactly Amber's headed in this photo (it was taken in Paris), but this outfit sure looks ready for adventure!

Dana - Seersucker Sass

Seersucker Sass is a personal lifestyle blog run by cancer survivor and community volunteer Dana. Her blog is down-to-earth and meant for real women with busy lives and their own stories to tell. Dana, who lives in Northeast Tennessee, posts not just about fashion, but about beauty, lifestyle, travel and just about anything she feels passionately about!

Head on over to the Seersucker Sass instagram page (@seersuckersass), where you'll see a pleasant array of outfits with big heart. Dana's most common go-to pieces are dresses with structured prints and a good pair of boots!

Here's one of our favs:

Dana's rocking her rain boots with this 60s-inspired dress! The shift mini dress itself is the most amazing feature of this outfit, and we can't stop looking at the swirled detailing in the light blue panels. It would easily fit in at any party, but Dana keeps it casual with a white throw-on sweater and, of course, the rain boots. 

Notice how Dana only lightly accessorizes this outfit with a couple bracelets on one wrist and a ring. She doesn't need anything more than that, because the detailing in the dress is so stunning! Just goes to show that when you have a great piece like this, sometimes the best thing to do is let it speak for itself. 

Alexis Paige - LUXE Be a Lady

Blogger Alexis Paige is a dental hygienist by day, but she's a fashionista 'round the clock! When she's not helping others with their oral hygiene, she's running her awesome Tennessee fashion and lifestyle blog, LUXE Be a Lady

Alexis' style is feminine and chic while still opting for function. It fits with her busy everyday life, and we're definitely going to use her instagram (@alexispaigeb) as inspiration for some great daily looks on the go!

Here's an example of her great style:

This outfit is so cute and stylish, and yet it also looks fairly comfortable. The light pink high waisted shorts are very elegant while still allowing for a lot of movement (as seen with Alexis' pose!). 

The shorts also perfectly complement the airy long-sleeved floral print blouse, which as a crop top goes really well with the high waist on the shorts. The darkest part of this ensemble are the brown strappy sandal heels, which give the outfit and extra boost of femininity and just a little bit of funk.

Alexis accessorizes with just a simple necklace. Perfection!  

Whitney - Blonde Atlas

She's based in Nashville, but this fashion and lifestyle blogger has seen more of the world than most. Blonde Atlas is a blog that's all about inspiring others in the areas of lifestyle and travel, and of course, looking good while doing it!

We love how Whitney's looks come from both local Tennessee inspiration and styles from around the world. Her outfits are always on trend no matter where she goes, and it's no surprise she has thousands of followers from all around the world!

Let her instagram (@blonde_atlas) be your guide for great travel looks, even if its just a daytrip nearby. Here's one of our favorites! 

A crisp white blazer always looks great, and Whitney made it stand out even more by pairing it with some great neutral-tone pieces. That said, we can't help but love that extra pop of white from her pointed flats

Whitney went with a solid beige tee and black leggings for the rest of the look. These pieces would appear casual on their own, but paired with the blazer and the flats the whole outfit is downright professional and chic. This girl is ready for anything! 

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