Top 10 North Carolina Fashion Bloggers
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Top 10 North Carolina Fashion Bloggers

Who says that fashion bloggers have to live in New York or L.A.? North Carolina is home to some of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, and with that comes the rise of a booming fashion scene! The Tar Heel state is quickly becoming a powerhouse of expert fashion bloggers who know their way around an outfit. It's hard not to be inspired by the innovative looks coming from this region, and it's even harder to narrow down the unique bloggers most worthy of your time. 

But we took the time and managed to do it! We've put together a list of the top 10 North Carolina Fashion bloggers currently active today. Each of these influencers has great style and a noticeable passion for life. We'll also point out that while this is a "top 10" list, the people included here are in no particular order.

Marianne Sides - The M.A. Times

Based just outside of Raleigh, Marianne launched The M.A. Times back in 2012 as a baking blog! She couldn't deny her love of fashion, however, and soon grew her blog into a first-class style destination! 

Marianne's outfits are a collection of both modern and classic romantic style, with soft solid colors and eye-catching prints in subdued, calming tones. She builds her looks on go-to pieces like white tees, denim in all washes, black bodysuits and classic pumps. 

Check out her instagram, @thematimes, to see all her looks, but we'll give you a preview here!

This is a timeless look with some really fantastic separates. The straight-leg jeans are a great go-to for any casual look, and we love how they allow the crisp white blouse and coordinating flat white sandals to pop.

Notice how Marianne has some eye-catching accessories here that are still very simple in nature. Look closely and you'll see some intricate detail, but there's no distracting bling or distracting colors. The round brown handbag is the main piece here among the accessories, but the look doesn't feel empty with the additions of a simple necklace and one bracelet.

Shelby - Pretty in the Pines

Pretty in the Pines is a fashion blog that was named after and inspired by North Carolina itself! Run by lifestyle influencer Shelby, the blog covers beauty, travel, wedding inspiration and interior decorating in addition to fashion. 

Take a look at Shelby's instagram page, @prettyinthepines, and you'll see a beautiful array of outfits set in stunning North Carolina scenery. Shelby generally goes for natural colors with the occasional pop of florals, and she also has one of the most subtly stunning collections of earrings we've ever seen! 

Here's one of her outfits for a preview:

This top is gorgeous! It's a peplum-style tank top in beige with ruffle detailing and extra stitching for texture. We love how Shelby really let this top shine here by pairing it with white pants and a simple woven wide brimmed hat

Look closely, and you'll see that she didn't really add any other accessories here save for an awesome pair of earrings! The dangling hoops definitely make a statement, though we love how she coordinated them with the colors of this outfit.

Molly Wey - Stilettos & Diapers

Currently based in the suburbs of Charlotte, Molly Wey is a born and raised southern gal who also happens to be the innovative mind behind the blog Stilettos & Diapers. As a mom, she's living real life raising her young boys, but she's also an entrepreneur and fashion expert. In addition to blogging, she owns her own online jewelry and fashion boutique, Molly Suzanne.

Mosey on over to Molly's instagram, @stilettodiapers, where you'll see a collage of colorful everyday outfits. From bright hues and memorable prints on separates to ruffles and other details on dresses and jumpsuits, Molly's outfits appear to be an expression of real life itself. 

Here's one of our recent favorites:

Leopard print always makes a statement, but we love how here it takes the form of a casual tee! This leopard print tee could easily pair well with a wide assortment of other pieces, but Molly makes it stand out by opting for a simple pair of white raw-hemmed shorts.

She finishes the look off with a detailed pair of beige sandals from one of the cutest sandal brands. One of the main takeaways here is that when you have a great piece like this shirt, it really doesn't need a lot of accessories! 

Bailey - Daily with Bailey

Bailey Schwartz is a North Carolina fashionista with a flair for traveling to exotic places and donning colorful outfits. Her blog, Daily with Bailey, is a one-stop-shop for all things lifestyle, beauty, health, travel and of course, fashion!

Take a look at Bailey's instagram, @baileyschwartz, and you'll find a stunning ensemble of florals, pastel hues, denim and long flowing pieces. Look closely, and you'll also notice that she has an awesome collection of handbags!

Want a preview? Here's one of her best recent looks. 

The colorful maxi dress is obviously the main piece here, but we love this outfit because of how expertly Bailey accessorized it. Notice how she went with neutral colors for the accessories, because the bright dress with its side slit speaks so well for itself! 

Even so, most of the accessorries are beautiful and highly detailed! Bailey cinches in the waist with a thin brown belt, then adds touches of sparkle with embellished sandal heels and a pearl bracelet. We love how she throws in different dimension with the rounded white handbag on her shoulder and those round sunglasses!

Anna - Peppered in Style

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Anna is a true embodiment of modern Charlotte style! Her looks are always on point with current trends, though as she states on her blog Peppered in Style, she's very focused on staying true to regular everyday women and not breaking the bank for her outfits. 

While Anna does branch out quite a bit with colors and prints, blue is definitely this fashionista's color! Scroll through her gorgeous outfits on instagram (@pepperedinstyle), and you'll see a multitude of blue tones in a variety of effortlessly chic looks.

Here! See for yourself with this Anna outfit:

Seriously, how beautiful are these light blue pants? They flare out beautifully, and we love how Anna accents them elegantly with a coral toned button-down tank top and a thick beige belt

Her beige sandal heels appear to be almost demure at a glance, but a longer look reveals them to have unique wavy straps. The leopard print clutch bag is also a stunner, and those oversized sunglasses pair really well with her hoop earrings. Anna truly is peppered in style!

Emily Wilkinson - Life with Emily

This Southern girl launched Life with Emily as a creative outlet back in 2011, when she was still in college at Appalachian State University. Today, her blog is a first-class destination for modern style, beauty advice and tidbits about everyday life. 

Emily's style is most often feminine and approachable, with lots of floral prints and flowing fabrics, interspersed with plenty of denim and stripes! As far as everyday nice-casual wear goes, Emily is our new go-to inspiration.

Check out her instagram, @emilynwilkinson, for a ton a great wearable looks. We'll give you a preview here!

We love how stunning this look is while still appearing very comfortable. The white cami top and white palazzo pants look like they were made for each other, and Emily makes them even more eye-catching with small pops of color on her accessories. Her long red earrings add a touch of excitement, and the multi-colored silk scarf in her hair give the outfit some worldly flair. 

We also love how she's wearing beige embellished heels for a touch of shine!

Cortney Dryden - Cort in Session

As a marketing and communications professional who travels the country with Nascar, it's safe to say that Cortney Dryden is not your average fashion blogger. She often dresses more casually on the job for practical reasons, so she created her style-focused website, Cort in Session, as a creative outlet for her colorful closet.

From stripes and sparkles to leopard print and everything in between, Cortney is all about embracing the bright and colorful side of fashion. Take a look at her instagram, @cortneydryden, and you'll see every color on the palette in a stunning range of travel wear and good ol' North Carolina everyday outfits.

Here's an example!

This rainbow striped romper is truly stunning! Not only are the colors bright and cheerful, but there's ruffled detailing around the bottom that gives it extra flair. We also love how Cortney cinched in the waist and gave it more shape with a skinny black designer belt

The light wash denim jacket adds cool, casual vibes to the look, but Cortney doesn't back away from the accessories. She's decked out with gold jewelry and yellow nail polish, and the leopard print clutch contrasts nicely with the stripes of the romper. This is a one energetic, happy outfit!

Samantha Brooke - Life and Messy Hair

Samantha Brooke keeps it real. She's a 30-something North Carolina-based lifestyle blogger and photographer with a love for skincare trends, vintage finds and easygoing fashion that won't break the bank. Fittingly, the name of her blog is Life and Messy Hair

Browse through Samantha's looks on her instagram page, @xosamanthabrooke, for her beautiful down-to-earth array of outfits. From dark greens and orange-reds to deep black and clean white, her closet is an envy-worthy collection of looks for travel and just enjoying daily life down South.

This short black dress is very simple overall, but Samantha adds in an assortment of beige accessories to create one lovely outfit. The beige crossbody bag and beige platform shoes are practically the same shade and complement each other well, while the wide-brimmed hat adds some dimension.

We also love how she included a small ankle bracelet for a touch of color!

Emily Soto - With Style & Grace

North Carolina wife and mother Emily Soto is just trying to live her best life. And she's doing so with style and grace! That's why she chose With Style & Grace as the name of her website, inspiring audiences everywhere with her expert modern style and attention to small details. 

In addition to mesmerizing prints and great accessories, Emily builds her outfits her life experiences. As a frequent traveler who goes to destinations all over the world, this fashionista is always dressed on point no matter where she's headed!

Here's one of our favorite Emily looks, but check out her instagram (@emily_soto) for more!

How cute is this outfit? Emily's speckled print flare skirt has a lot of fun movement, while her various accessories each seem to tell a story. The light brown belt bag looks almost pink and adds some more shape to the look. She also went with a sleeveless black top to serve as a neat foundation of the outfit. 

Her beige sandals are both stylishly casual and tell us she's ready for anything, Meanwhile, the knotted pink headband adds a pop of color.

Jenna Tropea - Lilly & Grant

Jenna Tropea may have grown up in South Carolina, but this fashionista has long since headed North and put down roots in Charlotte. She's had a love for fashion since her early years, however, but it wasn't until she was taking business courses in graduate school that she was inspired to launch her own blog. Lilly & Grant is now a destination for everyday effortless style!

Jenna creates chic, high fashion looks that are adapted from the runway for the street. Her outfits are thoroughly elegant but also very wearable. Here's one of our favorites from her instagram, @lillyandgrant).

Bright white pieces are very in right now, and Jenna's white tee would go great with any outfit. However, it looks downright ethereal when paired with these awesome short white palazzo pants with side button detailing.

We love how Jenna finishes this look off simply with brown leather slip-on shoes and a coordinating brown handbag. Simplicity is often the secret behind today's classiest looks! 

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