Tiffany Williams: Glam Model Off Duty Style
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Tiffany Williams: Glam Model Off Duty Style

When you think of a model, you probably think about a very luxurious, glam lifestyle, and while modeling is very glamorous, it can also be challenging. Model Tiffany Williams started her blog, Glitz and Glam By Tiff, to give readers a peek into the behind-the-scenes life of a model. On her blog, you will find her fashion-forward outfits, as well as beauty, fitness, and travel - all of the things that make up her life as a model. She knows how to rock any new trend, and her style combines edgy pieces with touches of athleisure. 

Tiffany is from San Diego, and currently splits time between San Diego and Los Angeles. Unlike many other models, she works as an independent artist, without an agent or manager. Her journey as a model is very inspiring to anyone who wants to break into the profession - through savviness and hard work, she's been able to build a successful career without taking a traditional path. She aims to inspire readers to be confident and go after their goals without fear. Here are some of our favorite outfits from Tiffany's blog and Instagram

Bike shorts have been a hot trend on the runways recently, but many people struggle to wear them in real life. Here, Tiffany shows off how you can wear bike shorts for a fun weekend out. Her leopard print shorts make a bold statement, and because they are high waisted, they make her legs look miles long. She pairs them with a striped t-shirt. Although you might normally shy away from mixing prints like this, it actually is an amazing way to take your style to the next level. The key is to pair a small print (the leopard spots) with a bigger one (the stripes) so they don't compete with each other. Tiffany finishes the look off with a classic denim jacket and sleek white sneakers. The vibe is slightly 80s-inspired, but modernized for today's trends. 

This adorable daytime outfit would be perfect for anything from a coffee date to a dinner party, and has some sweet feminine touches to dress the look up. Tiffany's polka dot top has sweet ruffles and a wrap detail, which elevate it from a traditional blouse. White jeans are a classic that everyone should have in their wardrobe, and they make the outfit more appropriate for spring and summer. Tiffany always finds the best boot brands, and these lace-up boots add the perfect bohemian touch. She accessorizes with a long gold necklace to emphasize the cut of the blouse. 

With this look, Tiffany could easily transition from a creative work environment to a nighttime event. The star of the show is the long tan cardigan, which is slightly preppy but very dramatic. Her white pencil skirt is a feminine classic, and her mesh top adds a hint of flirtiness without going overboard. Her leopard print brogues are a bold take on a shoe that's normally very androgynous. 

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