The Stylings of Kyleigh
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The Stylings of Kyleigh

About Kyleigh: Women empowering women is nothing new. It is a phenomenon that has grown in recent years. This is in large part because of passionate fashion bloggers such as Kyleigh, of C'est le Style. Her mission is to encourage women everywhere to express who they are in any way they see fit. By reading C'est le Style and viewing Kyleigh's Instagram, she wants women to be able to put their best foot forward without fear of facing negative repercussions.

Kyleigh's Style

According to Kyleigh, women can wear anything they want, as long as it makes them feel confident. Her style motto is that if you can wear it, you can make it work. She does this quite well by choosing outfits that embrace who she is and what she's trying to say. Using her website and Instagram, women everywhere can learn how to put together a fabulous outfit for any occasion.

Content For Every Woman

In addition to Kyleigh's blog and Instagram page, ladies can also consult her other social media pages for fashion inspiration They should point their browsers to:

New Outfits: On this Pinterest board, Kyleigh shows off the outfits she has confidently put together. Women can use this to inspire their own personal styles. 

Inspirational Outfits: Another Pinterest board used to inspire women of all ages. 

Facebook Photos: Kyleigh regularly posts photos on Facebook of outfits that she wears when she wants to feel relaxed and confident. These outfits scream comfy vacation wear. 

Style Examples

In the picture above Kyleigh shows that even when she's out for a day of shopping, style matters. Her outfit is perfect for a day of shopping her heart out. The snug fit of the outfit, combined with its lightweight material makes it an easy outfit to stay in all day.

In this picture, Kyleigh is enjoying a beach day without sacrificing her personal style for it. This classic two- piece captures her desire to relax and still look good while doing it. The fact that the picture is untouched (not edited) shows that Kyleigh wants women to embrace their true looks.

Kyleigh is both inspirational and down-to-earth, shining bright and encouraging others to do the same. The fashion world is a better place when people like Kyleigh share their style.
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