The Prettiest Place on Earth: Orlando's Top 9 Fashion Bloggers
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The Prettiest Place on Earth: Orlando's Top 9 Fashion Bloggers

A relatively small state, Florida has two of the world’s best vacation spots: Miami and Orlando. Of the two cities, Miami is better known for the sizzling glitzy glamor and fashion. With the Versace Mansion, Lincoln Road and a whole three seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians filmed there, Miami is definitely the more fashion forward of the two. But, Orlando’s got style too! The magical capital of the world, the most sparkly place on earth, Orlando has got more fashion to offer than Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears and fluffy pink princess gowns. Orlando is full of fun and these fashion bloggers add their own kind of magic to the city Disney built.

Blogger Name: Jeanette Johnson

Instagram Handle: @jseverdayfashion

About Jeanette:

Not unlike many bloggers, Jeanette Johnson didn’t start out with the dream of having her own successful platform. In 2010, Jeanette lost her job in corporate marketing. Instead of going back to corporate America, she decided to try her hand at a childhood passion that had since collected dust: journalism. A self-proclaimed tomboy, Jeanette was never into the frilly girly part of fashion. Rather, she decided to focus on bridging the gap between the runway and the everyday. “I remember thinking ‘there is a reason 'everyday' fashion doesn’t exist in the media –no one will like this.’ But I was wrong! Within weeks, I was receiving notes and emails from women who were encouraged by my story. Something clicked, and I could feel that this is where I belonged.” Through her blog and Instagram, Jeanette shares her escapades of trying to bring magazines into real life. Through trials and errors, wins and successes, Jeanette brings down high fashion and does it on a budget!

Our Favorite Look:

The 80’s are back! Well, seeing this outfit we wish they were! Jeanette put her own spin on 80’s fruit-themed apparel but added just enough class to make it wearable. It’s breezy enough for the hot temperatures but pretty enough to wear to work. A short white wrap skirt was patterned with black polka dots and brightly colored citrus fruit. Yellow and white earrings had green tassels dangling from them to match Jeanette’s beautifully structured sleeveless green top. A woven circle bag and stacked gold jewelry kept in line with the tropical theme and right now we want a pina colada or three!

Blogger Name: Kiara Michelle

Instagram Handle: @kmserr

About Kiara:

Did you ever see a girl and think “she is me”? Kiara is all of us. Her favorite show is Friends, she turns into Mariah Carey in the shower and is NOT a morning person. After starting her blog in 2013, Kiara worked at it for three years before turning Kiara Michelle into a business in 2016. “I started my blog as a way to express my creativity through fashion posts & beauty videos on YouTube. My journey has come a long way!” Aside from sharing fashion and styling tips, Kiara Michelle is also a personal stylist, photographer and social media manager. Kiara recognizes her talent and shares it with the world in the prettiest of ways.

Our Favorite Look:

We all have that group of friends that we need to spend time getting ready for. Whether it’s girls’ night out or just a brunch date, everyone is subtly trying to outdo each other. Kiara put together a look that says “I’m the coolest girl here” without trying too hard or wearing too little. A white corset style top was paired with beige linen wide leg pants. Heeled sandals in a tan color and a woven hat complete the boho look. Effortless yet extraordinary.

Blogger Name: Melanie Pace

Instagram Handle: @melaniepace

About Melanie:

A Florida Native and Florida State Graduate, Melanie Pace didn’t start her blog because she wanted to inspire women with her fashion; she was already doing that! A TV personality, wardrobe stylist/consultant, event host and red-carpet coverage guru, Melanie started her platform for her existing fan base. She wanted to give them behind the scenes access to her fashion finds and adventures. “Melanie’s blog has offered readers guidance and inspiration towards achieving their own goals, all from a strikingly relatable perspective. Her style is dynamic; it’s desired and accessible, and her ability to create current looks with any budget sets her apart from the rest.”

Our Favorite Look:

Being pregnant, you have those days when you just feel fat. And being honest, you do take up more space than usual and learning how to style that awesome bump can be a challenge. Even when you’re not pregnant but still not feeling the greatest about your body, going full on flowy boho will keep you looking cute. Melanie wore a long flowy black maxi dress with a low-cut neckline. Because maxis can sometimes make you look wider than you are, a cute cardigan is essential. Melanie chose a loose draped longline with light pink, rose and dark rose colors and some gold sequins. A headband with knot detail and gold jewelry tied this beautiful boho outfit together.

Blogger Name: Annie Alvarez

Instagram Handle: @annieatoz

About Annie:

Annie Alvarez is a young Filipino woman who lives her fabulous life based out of Orlando. She doesn’t pretend it’s effortless or natural, but Annie knows she’s got it down. Annie has worked with some of the largest companies and has been featured in articles and on TV. She’s a “millennial mess” and has learned a trick or two on her journey up the ladder. Annie Alvarez uses her platforms to share those tricks and help your life look as fabulous as hers!

Our Favorite Look:

When the temperatures decrease, the kvetching increases. We stare at those sleeveless dresses with longing in our eyes and slip on sandals to remember how they feel. But in Florida, it’s pretty much sunny and warm all the time. So in the winter, it’s fun to play with clothes that have elements from both the winter and summer seasons. Annie wore a pale blue crop top with a mock neck and small sparkly studs. A short white feathered skirt with a waistband matching her top added a wintery vibe. She didn’t show us her shoes, but we’d totally go with silver heels. Winter, summer, slayed.

Blogger Name: Chelsea Watson

Instagram Handle: @styledbymagic

About Chelsea:

Growing up in West Virginia with dreams too big for her small town, Chelsea Watson is magical. “From the time I was little, I wanted to be a princess...not much has changed since then other than the fact that I now drink lots of coffee and wear red lipstick!” She always has Disney, fashion and travel on the brain and shares that through her blog and social media. She spends her days like we wish we could: planning trips to Disney, coordinating outfits and leaving a little trail of Pixie dust behind for all her fans to follow. We’re following that trail right to Neverland!

Our Favorite Look:

Go ahead, try not to watch a Disney movie tonight. This outfit catapults us straight into Walt Disney’s world of magic. It’s all sparkles and colors and turns us into the heart-eyed emoji. A vintag-ey black t-shirt with a distressed giant dumbo in the center is FUN. It’s tucked into denim shorts with a Mickey Mouse applique while a rainbow striped cozy cardigan is draped over the two. But our favorite part is the circus-themed Dumbo fanny pack. It’s just so cute! True to her surroundings, Chelsea’s choice of footwear was comfy and headgear was Mickey ears. This is what we’re wearing on our next trip to Magic Kingdom, and we’re booking now!

Blogger Name: Shelby Revis

Instagram Handle: @shelbyrevis

About Shelby:

A graduate of Rollins College, Shelby currently works in the field of digital marketing. After winning multiple contests, Shelby wanted to create her own brand and see how successful it would become. The answer? Very! With a style that’s influenced by Florida and is “effortless, casual and colorful”, thousands of people visit her page to gain inspiration and a dose of sunshine.

Our Favorite Look:

This is not for the faint of heart. We repeat, do not wear this if you don’t want to get noticed. Heads will turn. Shelby’s outfit is for when you just want to go out and leave a big burning mark on the town. It’s strictly a daytime look but only for those super extra extra days. Did we say extra? A slogan tee is always a fun twist to an outfit. It lets the world know how you’re feeling without you having to say anything. Another statement maker? How about a short skirt that’s completely covered in bright red sequins? Melanie wore a black belt with silver buckles on her waist and a red Gucci backpack. It’s a crazy look and we’re wild for it!

Blogger Name: Alpa Rama

Instagram Handle: @alpa.rama

About Alpa:

Some girls have all the luck-they look good in everything! Alpa Rama is a Parisian-Indian woman with a flair for making even the simplest outfits stand out. Marrying her Eastern roots with her current American lifestyle, Alpa describes her fashion style as “minimalistic, chic and classic.” And that it is, but to leave it there would be a disservice to her alluring yet familiar way of dress. Her outfits are the kind of ensembles that make you say “why didn’t I think of that? I have every item in my closet…” Maybe it’s her dimples or maybe it’s her impeccable eye for style but whatever it is, we’re sold!

Our Favorite Look:

It was hard to choose our favorite look from Alpa’s feed because everything she does is genuinely fantastic. This one ended up making the cut because it’s applicable at all times of the year (except for maybe the dead of winter) and you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. A loose-fitting white turtleneck with the sleeves pushed up provided the outfit with an easy flair. The turtleneck was tucked into a pair of white pinstriped pants which were cropped and rolled up at the cuff. A beige bag and matching sandals along with a pair of round sunglasses gave the ensemble a sort of casual sophistication a la Olivia Culpo. And just like with Olivia, we can’t look away!

Blogger Name: Shannon Jenkins

Instagram Handle: @upbeatsoles

Shannon Jenkins used to be a medical professor but part of the job description is a lack of creativity and she wasn’t having that. Growing up, Shannon was obsessed with all things fashion “I like to blame it on my obsession with the Wizard of Oz growing up. I basically lived in blue gingham and red sparkly heels! Ever since then my love for shoes developed in to kind of an obsession, or what I like to call it, a very extensive collection!” Her blog is all about life as a mom on a budget with a love for fashion. It’s relatable and all about glamming up real life.

Our favorite look:

Getting dressed is hard enough without a tiny human needing all your attention. But when you do have children and your prep time is cut in half, you need a go-to outfit. Shannon Jenkins has the perfect one. It’s interesting enough to go out in and comfortable enough to wear all day. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Shannon! The focal point of the outfit is an amazing tiered leopard print midi skirt. With a skirt that fabulous, all you need is a simple black top, draped leather jacket and black booties. Walk the runway in 30 seconds flat!

Blogger Name: Ashley Brooke Nicholas

About Ashley:

Ashley and her high school sweetheart made a life for themselves and their baby girl, Summer in Orlando, Florida. A former dancer and self-proclaimed nerd, Ashley was never planning to become a blogger. As all the best things do, the idea for blogging came from boredom. Ashley and her husband attended schools that were on opposite sides of the city and she started feeling lonely. To fill her time, Ashely began blogging and one post led to another and became the brand that it is today. Ashley has a vivacious personality that captures her audience and we’re here to stay!

Our Favorite Look:

Ashley’s feed is full of pretty outfits but this one captured our hearts. Yes, it’s because there’s a baby in the photo but also because she’s gorgeous and they’re matching! Ashley wore a white eyelet dress with a low neckline and a grey cardigan. Her baby started her fashionista ways early with a white fluffy tutu and soft grey t-shirt. The colors are so perfect for the photo, we can’t help but get inspired!

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