The Hunter Collector Shows Off Bold, Fashion Forward Outfits
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The Hunter Collector Shows Off Bold, Fashion Forward Outfits

Zia, the woman behind popular fashion blog The Hunter Collector, has always had a passion for clothing and styling. She created her blog to document her personal style, which is bold and eclectic. Zia proves that you can wear trend pieces while still showing off your personality.

Fashion Philosophy

The name Hunter Collector comes from Zia's fashion philosophy. She loves to hunt down unique, well crafted pieces that will last for years to come and build a beautiful wardrobe. Zia's eclectic fashion collection contains a great mix of trend pieces and staples.

LA Life

Zia is based in Los Angeles and works as an actress. However, she has many different talents and passions that inform her style. She's also an amateur artist and a freelance bookkeeper. Outside of work, she's a mother to her young son Hunter.

Bold Patterned Outfits

This outfit is perfect for a spring day brunch, with beautifully feminine accents and light, flowy fabrics. The bright pink pantsuit is formal but fun, keeping things elegant, but Zia pairs it with a striped turtleneck underneath. This adds a bit of warmth and a pop of color. Her chunky brogues make for the perfect finishing touch.

This bold outfit takes a minimalist color palette and makes it maximalist. Her grey ruffled top is a complete showstopper, perfect for virtually any occasion. The striped trousers are incredibly flattering, and Zia finishes the look with a lime green bag for a pop of color.

For a more bohemian look, Zia pairs a classic black summer dress with a giant chunky cardigan for a look that's stylish and cozy. Her leopard print boots and wide-brim hat are boho style classics that finish off the outfit perfectly. 

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