The Business of Fashion: Morrell's Armoire
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The Business of Fashion: Morrell's Armoire

Can you recall the feeling you had while watching the antics of Carrie Bradshaw? For most girls it was the feeling of fashion freedom. Can Manolo Blahniks and a tutu work on a coffee date? Why not?! It was also the vibe of fashion experimentation that appealed to women. A scarf could be turned into a belt, headband or handbag accoutrement. Clothes and accessories that would be passed over were looked at through the eyes of Carrie Bradshaw and suddenly they were fashionable. Few have the Carrie effect, but Morrell Turner Baxter is on that list.

A small-town girl, Morrell Turner Baxter enjoyed college as she went on the journey of finding her passion. While she ultimately majored in business, was the fashion icon on campus “Everyone always wanted to know where I purchased my clothes.” After graduation, Morrell decided to reconcile the two parts of herself and start a business in the fashion industry. “…I knew I wanted to be some kind of fashion entrepreneur. I found that maybe a store would be a little over a recent graduate’s budget. After hours upon hours of researching, I fell in love with the idea of starting a fashion blog.” She started Morrell's Armoire and watched the ever-growing success over the past 10 years. With a style that changes daily, Morrell believes in a good attitude being the best accessory. “Much like a great pair of shoes.”

Our Favorite Looks:

Whether you're prepping for your next derby, watching it from at home, or just want a really great outfit, this is the one. It's classy with a hint of salaciousness and a whole lot of fabulous. The best part? These are items that you have in your closet. Well, maybe not the gloves, but here's your chance! A white sleeveless dress is simple and classic with two inverted pleats going down from the waist. A black leather belt defines the silhouette while an oversized white floppy hat is just fantastic. Rounding out the look are a pair of black sunglasses and a daring take on a derby classic-red leather gloves. There are no shoes in the photo but we'd go with black pumps or white sandals. Now taking bets on outfit of the season!

In the colder weather when it's all about layering, outfits are not hard to transition. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt can become dinner-worthy with the addition of heels and a blazer. A dress can turn into a date night outfit with the right belt and a jacket change. But in the summertime, when layering skills are saved for the next season, a transitional outfit can be hard to find. But Morrell did! A ruched tube top and midi-skirt with ruching at the waist are easy and summery in their matching patterns. A straw hat and structured bag are all that's needed in the way of accessories and nude sandals are both casual and dressy. So the next time you're headed to the mall and on a date, a matching tube top and skirt like these could be your answer to "what am I wearing?"

Leopard is very on tred right now. But leopard can also invoke horrible memories from the 1990's and early 2000's. So if you're still suffering flashbacks and want to introduce the trend gradually, Morrell has got just the accessory to do it with: a scarf! A black turtleneck is tucked into a camel colored suede mini skirt. Her thigh-high suede boots speak to one of our favorite trends of the winter season. Morrell wears a leopard print scarf as a brooch but we'd totally wear it in our hair too. Start small and let's hear you roar!

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