Tatum Chiniquy Has Big Dreams and Big Fashion Taste
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Tatum Chiniquy Has Big Dreams and Big Fashion Taste

Anyone who's paid any kind of serious attention to fashion trends in the United States knows that West Coast can differ greatly from East Coast. West Coast fashion is often more flowy, easygoing and often Asian-inspired, while East Coast is usually more refined, professional and European trendy. But now that we've started following fashion and lifestyle influencer Tatum Chiniquy, we're watching both styles come together!

Chiniquy is based in California, but she's spent plenty of time in New York. Her website and blog, Love Always Tate, has a light and carefree feel, and it's filled with plenty of useful fashion tips and lifestyle inspiration. We're also loving this fashionista's instagram (@tatumchiniquy), and we've already started making a list of looks we'd love to adapt for our own closets! Check it out below. 

Star Blouse with Distressed Jeans and Oversized Coat

It's summer meets fall! We love the casual, summery feel of the star print blouse and distressed boyfriend jeans. The long brown coat would go great with any outfit, but we love how it instantly gives this one an autumn vibe. If anything, the blouse and jeans are West Coast, while the coat is East. Chiniquy finishes the look off casually with a pair of white lowtop sneakers, with coordinating stars!

If you're not feeling the stars, a polka dot blouse would work great here as well. Or go with whatever fun and light print you want! A wide variety of footwear also works with this outfit, and we're thinking it really depends on two factors: how casual you want to go and the weather. 

Print Kimono with Bikini and Sandals

Who says you can't be super stylish on pool days? Here, Chiniquy threw a short, colorful kimono over her bikini as a quick coverup and completed the look with a pair of casual platform sandals. It's a great go-to look for lounging about with friends or strolling down the boardwalk in the sun.

If you have a swimsuit with a fun pattern or design, try pairing it with a solid color kimono (the opposite of what we see here). The key to this look is contrast. 

Matching Blazer and Shorts with Graphic Tee

Gone are the days of stuffy suits in solid colors and little excitement. The suit here is definitely unique in that it comes in a pair of long shorts instead of pants, but Chiniquy pulls it off very well without it looking juvenile or unintentional (the black pantyhose help with this). She adds an extra dose of chic coolness with the graphic tee in simple color tones. 

If you want even more options for this look, try a blazer with a matching skirt or full-length pants that are rolled up neatly and cuffed! We see a wide variety of shoes working here, though the decision to go with pumps, sandals or even sneakers will depend on the level of casual you want. If you want to go a bit edgy, try some tall boots with the skirt or shorts look. 

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