Sweet Teal is All About DIY, Laid Back Style
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Sweet Teal is All About DIY, Laid Back Style

True to its name, there's plenty of teal to be found on the fashion and lifestyle blog, Sweet Teal! Launched in 2014 under the name "Lace & Glaze", this blog was started when Jenny Bess moved out of her parents' home into her own place. With no furnishings of her own, she quickly got to work and started down her DIY project path, crafting and carefully deal-hunting her way into a fully furnished, beautiful living space! This carried over into her closet as well, and today the blog is a one-stop-shop for home projects, laid-back living and awesome tips for casual personal style. 

Bess' favorite color is, you guessed it, teal! Her Instagram, @SweetTealBlog is loaded up with plenty of beautiful outfits featuring this hue, though it takes many forms. From teal shirts and swimsuits, to robes and flowing dresses, this is one influencer who definitely has a very recognizable sense of style. And being in South Florida, her looks always appear ready for warm, sunny weather! 

Here's some of our favorite Sweet Teal looks so far.

Front-Tie Oversized White Tee with Boyfriend Jeans and Teal Boots

This look is very casual, and though it would work in a variety of other colors, it's very possible it would not give off vibes that are this elegant and pretty.

The clean, oversized white tee with a front tie is the first thing that's noticed here, with the eye gradually drawn down to the light wash boyfriend jeans, then to the stunning teal boots with matching teal laces. These boots are the most visually remarkable item in this outfit, but we like how they gradually sneak up on us thanks to the shade of the jeans and crisp bright white of the shirt. 

You can go with a different lace-up boot color here, or check out different styles from the most on-trend boot brands. As for jewelry, we like how Bess keeps this look simple by opting for none. If you're looking to dress it up a bit though, try going with a simple necklace or a bracelet or two. 

White Jeans with Teal Front-Tie Crop Top and Teal Bracelets

Of course there's more teal here! Balanced with the striking white high-rise denim jeans, this teal front-tie crop top with spaghetti straps is a fresh-looking look for a summer stroll along the beach, boardwalk or even out among nightlife. She completes the look with a few striking teal bracelets

Again, you can make a different color of your choice the focus of this outfit when adapting it for yourself. Just remember to keep it bright and summery! If you want to add more dimension, try adding an embellished belt

Light Blue Jumpsuit with White Tee and Light Brown Flat Sandals

This jumpsuit is more of a light blue than it is teal, but it captures that breezy, warm weather attitude just the same! As we've seen with many of her other outfits, the crisp white of the shirt pairs well with the blue here and makes the whole outfit look extra bright.

She finishes this outfit off simply, with just a non-elaborate necklace and a cool pair of light brown flat sandals. Again, you can play around with the exact colors used here and check out all the best sandal brands. If you want to add an extra touch of fun, use some bright nail polish! 

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