Susana Yee is Here for Your 'Shopping and Info' Needs
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Susana Yee is Here for Your 'Shopping and Info' Needs

Shopping and Info appears to be very straightforward-- it's a blog that is here to provide information on shopping and other aspects of fashion. However, upon closer inspection this fashion and lifestyle blog is something much deeper. Susana Yee launched Shopping and Info out of frustration. Located in Los Angeles, she had recently given birth to her daughter and didn't have time to run around all day shopping store to store. It started as a simple blog about where to find the best clothes and other products online, but Yee soon made a name for herself as a full-fledged digital marketer. This is now her full-time job, though of course she's always still on the hunt for a great new outfit.

Yee's outfits are elegant and embrace a rotating array of colors while often focusing on one single showstopping piece. They're functional too, and she always looks both stylish and ready for anything. Check out her outfits on instagram (@shoppingandinfo), or get a preview with the ones we've pulled here!

Tweed Jacket with White Cami, Skinny Jeans and Black Strap Sandals

How awesome is this multi-color tweed jacket? It's obviously the main eye-catcher of this look, but notice how Yee kept things that way on purpose by pairing it with a clean white cami and skinny jeans. These are both solid go-to pieces that pair well with items that have wilder textures and colors, like the jacket here. 

She finishes the look off with a pair of oversized sunglasses, which of course add an instant cool factor to any look. Feel free to accessorize more though if you want when it comes to adapting this look for yourself. You can also opt for booties if it's too cold for black strap sandals (although they do go nicely with this look).

Frilly Purple Print Top with Cuffed Black Sweatpants and Black Strappy Heels

This outfit is sure to be a showstopper in any setting!

We'll start with the purple top, which is the most eye-catching piece by far of the ensemble. The frilly sleeves and loose pleated cut are accentuated even more by the stunning print. It's a shirt that's both wild and pretty.  

Yee paired this top with a pair of black cuffed sweatpants, which look way more dressed up here (thanks to the shirt and shoes) than the average pair of sweats. However, she didn't go all the way casual on bottom. She finishes the look off with a pair of black strappy heels with ankle ties, adding another fun detail that both grounds and complements the exciting shirt.

Star-print Dress with Tie Waist

Maybe Yee is laughing in this photo because there's a dog blocking our view of her black sandals, or maybe she's smiling because this dress is so beautiful. Either way, we love this outfit and how perfect it is for summer! 

Look closely, and you'll see that this dress has a splattered blue star print that looks downright elegant on the loose, flowing fabric. The draped, layered skirt and ever so slightly puffed sleeves are downright magical. Aside from the shoes, Yee didn't accessorize this look at all, and she didn't need to. 

You don't need this exact same dress to capture the feeling of this outfit. Check out the top dress brands to find a maxi dress with long flowing layers and a whimsical feel. Find one that makes you smile!

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