Style Sarah Finds its Pace in Travel and Dramatic Fashion
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Style Sarah Finds its Pace in Travel and Dramatic Fashion

Today's fashionista, Sarah, started her eponymous blog back in 2012. This girl definitely knows what she's doing-- she studied fashion at Kent State and currently lives and breathes fashion in New York City. She's also traveled to London, among other places, and is soon to be on her way to Japan. Her blog is open and honest about life and the lessons she's learned throughout her career in fashion, and it also comes with a lot of great style and travel posts! 

As seen on her blog, Style Sarah, and instagram of the same name (@stylesarah), her outfits often exude polished East Coast style and incorporate a lot of bold, dark colors. Sarah is poised and professional, and her looks are a must-see resource for professional women. 

We've gone ahead and pulled a few of our favorite Sarah looks here, but be sure to check out her social media and blog for more!

White Tee with High Rise Denim Shorts and Accessories

This is one of the rarer casual looks seen on Sarah's Instagram, but it's not neglecting on the detail! The main pieces here are the white tee with rolled up sleeves, tucked into a pair of cute high rise denim shorts with a raw hem. They're solid go-to pieces that can go with any casual outfit, but the key to this look is how she accessorizes it. 

That's not a regular handbag slung over her shoulder; it's a black logo belt bag used as a shoulder bag! It definitely works with the slightly offbeat, fashion forward casual vibes of this outfit. Sarah completes this look with a light beige belt, a black neck scarf and a logo hair clip. If you're looking to make this look your own, you can accessorize it to suit your own tastes. We see a bracelet working here, or a pair of the most popular sunglasses brands.

As for footwear, we see either black booties or high rise sneakers working here. You could opt for a different kind of footwear for sure, but either of these will definitely work for this casual yet highly stylish look. 

Oversized Cropped Jacket with Belt Bag, Wide Brimmed Hat, White Tee and Boots

If we saw Sarah strutting this look down the street, we'd think she walked straight off of a runway! This look is fiercely stylish and polished with casual undertones. We'll start with that awesome jacket. It's oversized, allowing her to roll it up and cuff the sleeves for a fashion forward look, yet it's cropped at the bottom so it doesn't get in the way of that awesome studded black belt bag

Sarah adds drama to the look with a wide brimmed black hat, form-fitting black pants and sleek, ankle-hugging black boots. Preventing the look from having too many dark pieces is the white tee under the jacket. It helps keep the look light and balanced, especially in between the hat and the lower black items.

When making this look your own, you can play around with the style and color of the jacket, as well as the style of the boots (you can choose from any of the top boot brands). We feel like a bright, colorful piece could work here! Don't be afraid to experiment with the jewelry either! Some simple platinum, silver or even gold pieces could work well here. 

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