Style in Seattle: The Emerald City's Top 10 Fashion Bloggers
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Style in Seattle: The Emerald City's Top 10 Fashion Bloggers

Nestled in an otherwise overlooked and underrated state, Seattle, Washington has claimed fame from many things. A coffee chain that became a culture, Starbucks was founded in Seattle. This rainy city is the home to a booming technology industry, the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, the magnificent and majestic Mt. Rainer as well as a host of musical celebrities including Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. But the one thing people don’t see when they look at the grungy hippies in Birkenstocks, is the fabulous fashion that is slowly taking over. Many fashion bloggers call Seattle home, and is our list of the top 10.

Blogger Name: Mollie Ruiz-Hopper

Instagram Handle: @mollieinseattle

About Mollie:

Born on Whidbey Island, Mollie Ruiz-Hopper is a native of Washington state. While Mollie currently calls Seattle home, she’s constantly exploring the globe and looking fabulous while doing it! Her blog and Instagram platforms named Mollie in Seattle, were started in 2010 as a “creative outlet where I could write about all the things I love.” Filled with all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food related, Mollie spreads her impeccable taste and inimitable inspiration through her social media. “Classic, feminine and colorful” is how Mollie describes her personal style and we’re totally buying it! She mixes high end with low end, bringing fun and wearable outfits to our shopping carts.

Our Favorite Look:

When there’s a date planned for the evening, most of us are in our mental closets all day. The thought of spending two hours or more getting ready is somewhat fun and somewhat daunting at the same time. By the time our hair and makeup is perfect, most of us don’t have the brain capacity for outfits. (Yes guys, outfit planning is more complicated than picking a shirt and pants from a pile.) And then there’s the heels or no heels dilemma because looking cute is a must but so is being able to walk. Mollie Ruiz-Hopper solved all those problems when she created this look. A black cami with lace detail added some flirty femininity to the outfit while an oversized black blazer and relaxed fit jeans gave it an air of “I didn’t think about this too hard, but I look fantastic.” Black Chanel flats kept it classy so the pumps were not missed and a black Celine bag was the perfect accessory. Comfy, cute and ready for date night!

Blogger Name: Jenn Haskins

Instagram Handle: @hellorigby

About Jenn:

True to her Seattle surroundings, Jenn currently does freelance design work. On her time off, however, is when Jenn’s true passions come out to play. She writes about everything from fashion and beauty to DIY but her favorite topic by far is the namesake of her blog: Rigby. Rigby is a six-year-old Shiba Inu dog and at the top of Jenn’s list of most loved things. Her style is approachable and affordable but doesn’t lose any of its fashion edge. “I like to think I dress fairly well most days (come on, I’m in Seattle. You know I’ve got to wear some ugly stuff every once in a while!)” Her smile is infectious, and we can’t help but smile too while perusing Hello Rigby.

Our Favorite Look:

We dare you not to get just a little bit happier at the sight of this outfit. It’s for those dreary rainy days (hello, Seattle) when your chin needs lifting and the world needs to hear the sound of your voice! A black dress with a bright floral pattern is feminine without being too sweet. Jenn’s black crossbody is the only muted thing about the outfit. A highlighter pink jacket puts the Pharell song “Happy” into your head while white heart shaped sunnies with pink lenses makes sure the tune is on repeat.

Blogger Name: Maddie Haisch

Instagram Handle: @blackwhiteandbrunette

About Maddie:

A mom and wife first and fashion guru extraordinaire second, Maddie Haisch has her priorities straight and looks FIERCE getting her jobs done. This Seattle based pediatric nurse rose to fashion blogging fame because of her unique style-she’s all monochrome all the time. Fashion and style rely a lot on the way colors, textures, patterns and structure work together. When you take color away, it’s harder to come up with a great outfit. But when you do, it’s a knock it out of the park situation. Maddie Hirsch has so many of those situations that she co-founded a brand, Heis, based on her style. She may be monochromatic but we’re not missing the color!

Our Favorite Look:

Momming is not glamorous. Toddlers are always sticky, always needing something. Maddie Haisch found a way to combine her glamorous side with her practical one, bringing her two worlds together. A black t-shirt dress boasts a white Chanel logo and the brand’s iconic perfume bottle. A black and white cap keeps her hair looking cute while a white canvas bag keeps her stuff looking cute. Some practical flip flops and cute brown shades, and Maddie is ready to tackle being a mom.

Blogger Name: Tina

Instagram Handle: @justatinabit

About Tina:

After leaving a job that had her travelling for work, Tina is stationary in Seattle and works as a Program Manager for Microsoft. Since she’s not travelling anymore, Tina uses her platform to fill her newfound time and share her life. Tina describes her style as “classic and feminine” and strongly believes that a killer outfit doesn’t have to empty your bank account. Most of the items she features are $100 or less but occasionally splurges because “a girl deserves to treat herself once in a while!”

Our Favorite Look:

If ever there were an outfit that was named Spring, this would be it. It’s light and fresh while still acknowledging that the chill of winter is not completely gone. Plus, how adorable is the photo?! Tina wore pleated midi skirt with a black waistband and a yellow, pink, white and black floral pattern. She offset the loudness of the skirt with a simple white shirt and heeled pink sandals. Spring has sprung and Tina knows how to do spring in Seattle!

Blogger Name: Molly Clifton

Instagram Handle: @stylemissmolly

About Molly:

If being a size zero with poreless skin was never your thing, Style Miss Molly is. Molly Clifton is 5’9” and not your typical fashion blogger model. “Every article on this website is dedicated to the strong women of this world – the fearless, the driven, and the beautifully imperfect.”  Molly’s blog is beautiful, positive and so much fun, but the driving force behind it is reality. Style Miss Molly is not just for the pretty things because that’s not what life is! It’s about the real things, like Molly, and how to stay positive even when you’re not feeling it.  While she may not be about the haute couture, Molly’s outfits are budget-friendly and timeless.

Our Favorite Look:

What’s if you could walk down the street, turn heads and get smiles just with your outfit? Well, try this on for size! Molly’s wore a dress in a shade of yellow meant for smiling. The style was fun and flirty with ruffle details. Not much else was needed to complete the look, so Molly went for a pair of tan strappy sandals and the biggest, brightest laugh. Pure sunshine.

Blogger Name: Carolyn Yuen Marino

Instagram Handle: @carolynyuenmarino (formerly @heyprettything)

About Carolyn:

Born in Hong Kong, Carolyn speaks three dialects of Chinese. Currently residing in Seattle, Carolyn’s knack for languages has her teaching High School English full time. When she’s not teaching, Carolyn is working on her blog where she celebrates the pretty things in life “whether that comes in the form of wearing a fun top, being engrossed in a good conversation, or traveling to a new city!” Her style is girly and approachable but always has an edgy sort of twist. Hey Pretty Thing stays true to its name and we can’t stop scrolling!

Our Favorite Look:

On the surface, Carolyn’s ensemble looks like polished streetwear. But upon further observation, the outfit and its nuances come to light and it just takes on a whole new personality! A periwinkle colored knit sweater with drop shoulders and a relaxed fit was paired with skinny black jeans. Snakeskin booties gained some trend points for Carolyn’s outfit while a pastel pink bag and pearl hair clip were a delicious ode to spring. It’s streetwear, Carolyn style.

Blogger Name: Sarah Butler

Instagram Handle: @sarahchristine

About Sarah:

Sarah Butler is a gorgeous girl with an instinctive sense of style. Over the years, she’s gone through a fashion metamorphosis, going from more feminine designs and brighter colors to clothes with a modern sort of vintage feel in both style and color.  With a penchant for fantastic photos, Sarah’s Instagram and blog are curated to perfection and so easy to look at.

Our Favorite Look:

We can just picture Elizabeth Taylor in this photo, but that wouldn’t make it any more fabulous than it already is! It’s a total mood and it’s perfection. On a characteristically hot Palm Springs day, Sarah Butler brought out her vintage vibes in the most fantastic of ways. A white wrap dress with a loose fit is total polished sophistication while the pointed toe white mules continue the vintage feel. As if there wasn’t enough sophisticated heat, long silver earrings and a beaded bag put the extra sizzle into the look. Sweltering sophisticated vintage.

Blogger Name: Gergana Ivanova

Instagram Handle: @fashionismyfortee

About Gergana:

Born in Bulgaria and raised in Seattle, Gergana is “a workaholic because I’m a shopaholic.” Her mission in life is to be the odd one out among people who are disgruntled, dissatisfied and unhappy with themselves and their lives. Gergana is intent on having no regrets, no what-ifs, and every goal slayed. “I want a life less ordinary. I want to love. I want to take risks, be open-minded, be strong enough to follow my dreams, and confident enough to not listen to what anyone else thinks” Gergana invites you to watch as she chases her dreams, one outfit at a time and hopes you get inspired.

Our Favorite Look:

Gergana is the queen of marrying high fashion, “can’t touch this”, and wearable vibes. The pieces she’s wearing in this outfit are not spectacularly different, out-there or couture, but when Gergana steps out, the ensemble is WOW! A black cami peeked out from under a white tailored blazer. Light denim distressed shorts showed off her legs while white strappy sandals with a pointed toe sole lent the outfit some additional edge. Stacked gold necklaces and a white Ferragamo bag tied it all together with a resounding “yes, please!”

Blogger Name: Victoria Manzhosov

Instagram Handle: @vickysstyle
Blog: N/A

About Vicky:

Not much is known about Victoria Manzhosov other than the fact that she is goals. Her Instagram posts are clearly highly curated, with every few photos conveying a different feel and look. The one constant common theme, however, is the lack of obvious bold colors. Vicky’s style differs from many bloggers trying to prove their worth in that she prefers single color looks in neutral shades. As with Maddie Haisch (@blackwhiteandbrunette), this is where a knack for style can really be seen. It’s easier to put together crazy cool outfits when color is a factor you can play with. But strip away the punchy splashes, and you’re left with an outfit that may be minimalist in color but is bursting with style. Victoria is a minimalistic maximalist and we’re mighty obsessed!

Our Favorite Look:

We all have those days that the snooze button gets hit one too many times. We’re left to scramble, picking up the first semi-decent outfit and flying out the door. Vicky’s outfit says, “I woke up like this, but I wake up fabulous!” In a white oversized blazer with blue pinstripes and matching shorts, Vicky is slaying. Pointed toe neutral braided mules and a matching bag continue with the underlying devil may care attitude of the ensemble.

Blogger Name: Lisa Dawn Drogin

Instagram Handle: @storyofmydress

About Lisa:

“I like to imagine the stories of my dresses.” If that statement sounds interesting to you, it’s because Lisa Dawn Drogin makes it a point not to be like anyone else. The world has enough of the stereotypical influencer, now it’s time for Lisa and the stories of her dresses. She’s the freest of spirits with a style heavily influenced by the 1960’s and ‘70s. With her favorite foods being pasta, pizza, tacos and croissants, it’s safe to say Lisa is pretty relatable! Her fashion style is as beautifully eclectic as her spirit and features lots of florals, denims and COLOR!

Our Favorite Look:

So, you know how there are dad jokes? Jokes that everyone genuinely laughs at because dad made them even though they’re not particularly funny? Well, this is a dad outfit. It’s not particularly fashionable but it still looks amazing because, Lisa. She matched a loose-fitting grey turtleneck with a tan skirt that has a pattern of irregularly shaped black ovals. Light grey suede sneakers and black socks with a gold elastic were her choice of footwear while a structured burgundy bag hung from Lisa’s shoulders. The outfit shouldn’t work. It can’t possibly work. But it does and it could because, again, Lisa.

While Seattle, Washington may not be the first city you think of when you hear the word “fashion”, these ladies are proving that shaggy hair and mismatched clothes are a thing of the past. The fashion landscape of Seattle is getting a makeover and these ten women are at the forefront of this fashionable revolution, taking over the city one blog post at a time!

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