Stars Shine Bright: An intimate chat with luxe, fashion forward blogger, Milica
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Stars Shine Bright: An intimate chat with luxe, fashion forward blogger, Milica

Seamlessly blending high-low fashion in the same outfit is a unique and useful skill, fashion blogger, Milica, has completely owned and mastered. She is a Serbian native that is currently based in Chicago. Her blog Made of Starlight, is truly a fashionista’s destination for luxe outfit inspiration, a daily dose of outfits that truly shine, and the motivation to embrace your own style.

Not Just a Fashion Blogger

Milica is a trained journalist, fashion blogger, and mother of 2. Capturing swanky outfits while holding an infant, is also an enviable skill. She began her career on television in her native country of Serbia.

Her Style

While her blog does cover other topics such as beauty and travel, her favorite aspect of the blog is the style and fashion component. Her drool-worthy, style-infused Instagram is full of high-end, sophisticated, designer outfits that are always combined with a phenomenal and fashion-forward statement bag. Many of her outfits are versatile and can conveniently be worn for a variety of occasions and to diverse places, by simply tweaking footwear and/or accessories.

Be Inspired by Your Surroundings

When asked where she finds the inspiration for her outfits, she responded, “I find inspiration for my fashion posts almost from everywhere around me. When it comes to outfits I tend to build them around one piece that has caught my attention, so it mainly depends on my mood. I get great inspiration from other fashion bloggers and the street style that I see during the day, too.” A helpful tip that all fashionistas could adopt in their approach to styling themselves.

If you want to Start Inspiring People With Your Own Wardrobe

Milica offers great guidance. “If you want to start a fashion blog you really need to know why you are different. There are millions of fashion blogs out there and unless you do something differently you are going to get lost in all the noise. Also, network, network, network! Make friends with your readers and make friends with other bloggers that are already way more successful than you and might be able to give you a helping hand.”

Animal Print

Whether it’s snakeskin, leopard, or some other exotic print, animal print pieces are timeless, classic, and necessary staples in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Milica nails this classic trend with a glamorous and dramatic maxi leopard print dress paird with over-the-knee boots and a cropped leather jacket.

Black & White

Sticking to classic white and black, Milica nails another animal print look, with these snakeskin pants. Sometimes animal prints can look too busy, but Milica circumvents this by pairing these amazingly chic pants with a black turtleneck, black boots, and a white statement bag. Milica has effortlessly created a transitional look that can be worn from the office to a night out.

Pop of Color

A classic black outfit will always be fashionable and Milica makes this all-black ensemble, literally pop with her neon pink jacket. By complimenting her liquid leggings with patent leather buckle boots, she gives the look some edge and serves an outfit that is a harmonious blend of feminine and masculine components.

Military Flavor

Now that we are heading into Spring, it’s a great idea to embrace the versatility of military style with a crisp military jacket like Milica does here. The slim jeans and heeled ankle boots worn with a fitted white t-shirt is always a stylish and modern silhouette.

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