Smart and Stylish, Andrea H. is the PhD Fashionista
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Smart and Stylish, Andrea H. is the PhD Fashionista

Can you be both smart and pretty? Traditional society says you have to pick one. Celebrities are dumb, doctors are too ugly to be anything else, right? Andrea Hadjikyriacou waves her PhD in the air and says “wrong!” She’s pretty, fashionable and defies every nerdy stereotype while still holding her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UCLA.

Living in Boston, Andrea created her platform, PhDFashionista “to break the stigma that being a scientist means you are boring, awkward, and “nerdy.”” Unlike many other blogs started to inspire others, Andrea started PhDFashionista to keep track of her outfits. While attending UCLA, Andrea had to adhere to the lab safety rules regarding dress and PhDFashionista was a great way for her to document her safe and practical yet cute and fashionable outfits. Currently, Andrea’s blog and style are meant to inspire women who need work-appropriate attire but don’t want to lose their fashionable edge. Her clothing choices are adorable and chic without breaking the bank. Seriously, she doesn't mind telling you she got her shoes second-hand! With an impressive resume of accomplishments within her field, Andrea proves that smart and pretty can indeed coexist.

Our Favorite Looks

When you’re busy forging new paths and immersed in your field, fashion needs to be fast. Who actually has the time to agonize over fabulous outfits when saving the world is on their to-do list? Andrea knows that the easiest way to jazz up any outfit is with a statement piece, in this case, two pieces! She started her look with simple jeans and a traditional black low cut cami. A tribal style necklace and bright yellow blazer added a certain polish to her look, elevating the simple cami and jeans into something that can be worn at a conference. An oversized tote bag and black sunnies finished the look and while there are no shoes pictured, we’d go with an understated black pump or bootie.

If ever there was a color combination that symbolized classy, elegant dressing, it’s the colors claimed by Chanel: black and white. They’re easy to wear, simple to accessorize and hard to get wrong. In this look, Andrea adds some sass to the conventional. Instead of a brightly colored accessory to make the look pop, she focused on the style and fabrics to give the outfit a little flirty edge. An ordinary black spaghetti strap tank top was tucked into a short pleated white skirt. Understated bangles, a black crossbody bag and black shades brought everything together. Once again, there are no shoes in the photo, but we’d pair it with a pair of silver pumps or red flats.

Most girls have no problem with everyday casual dressing. Jeans and a t-shirt? They have millions! But when it comes to dressier dressing, that’s when things start to stress them out. What’s considered appropriate to the event? What’s young without crossing into slutty but conservative without crossing into matronly? Andrea has the perfect outfit put together and you can wear it anywhere without a second thought! A long sleeve burgundy top with a black floral pattern was paired with a black circle skirt. A pair of heels (gotten for $1 at a thrift shop!) matching the top and a black bag were all the accessories she needed. Cute and classy, the PhDFashionista does it again!

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