Sherri Dickens: Polished Boho Style and Snark
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Sherri Dickens: Polished Boho Style and Snark

Blogger Sherri Dickens started her website, Rage Against the Mom Jean, as a way to stay creative with her fashion choices after having kids. As a professional stylist, she wanted to make sure she continued to innovate with her outfit choices, but also show readers how to rock trends as a mom without taking fashion too seriously. Her style is eclectic, with both bohemian and edgy touches, and always shows off her personality. Sherri also is a talented writer, and her blog posts are always hilarious and relatable.

Sherri is currently based in Atlanta, and often shares her local favorites on her blog. Although she's a personal stylist, she has also worked a variety of other jobs and has a very carefree approach to life that really shows through in her writing. You can shop her picks from major brands as well as her Instagram outfits on her blog. In addition to plenty of fashion content, you will also find tips on fitness and home decor, and of course, plenty of lifestyle and mom tips. Here are some of our favorite looks from Sherri's Instagram.

This red jumpsuit is a total showstopper that would be perfect for any dressy night out. Jumpsuits are a great alternative to dresses if you want to look pulled together for an event, but still stay comfortable. Sleek metallic sandals peek out from under the legs of the jumpsuit, and a black clutch is a practical alternative to a larger bag. If it's cold where you live, you could top this look off with a leather jacket to stay warm.

This look is a little girly and a little edgy, and would be perfect for a night out with your girlfriends. The combination of a graphic T-shirt and a pleated skirt is effortlessly cool, and topping it off with a leather jacket adds a bit of toughness while also keeping you warm. For a creative touch, Sherri wears fishnet socks with her black heeled sandals. This is a fun 80s-inspired accessory that gives any look a little more personality.

Here, Sherri is wearing a sweet, girly outfit that would be perfect for a fall day. The brown leather skirt is a softer alternative to black, and it's long enough that you could wear it in a professional situation. The white lace cami is a comfy classic that everyone should have in their wardrobe. To finish things off, Sherri rocks a soft pink cardigan and knee high boots. 

Be sure to follow Sherri on Instagram and on Rage Against The Mom Jean for more creative outfits.

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