Ruya Kirac: Classic Style For Work And Fun
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Ruya Kirac: Classic Style For Work And Fun

When she was in college, Ruya Kirac was feeling a little stuck, just like many of us do during this transitional time in our lives. She wasn't sure what type of career she wanted, and decided to start a blog to jumpstart her creativity. Ruya was always passionate about clothes and style, so she started documenting her outfits online on her site, Sweet, Short & Stylish. Her readership grew quickly, and she started partnering with brands she loved. This also led her into a career she was passionate about - she started a major in media management and now works as a social media manager and consultant. 

As the name implies, Ruya is petite, so her blog will give you plenty of style ideas if you are on the shorter side. She loves classic pieces, and most of her outfits are versatile, and would be appropriate for work or social situations. She currently lives in Dallas, where she has founded her own social media consultancy in addition to a social media management job. Her Instagram is full of fashion content, but also has plenty of lifestyle photos and positive, inspirational posts to inspire you. Here are some of our favorite outfits of Ruya's. 

In this look, Ruya wears a beautiful teal dress that would immediately turn heads at any event. It's bright and punchy, but still has a soft, feminine quality to it as well. The dress has a tight, body-con base with a draped panel over the front, which adds a touch of elegance. Ruya pairs them with pink accessories to play up that feminine side, with a pink tote bag and pink heels with a lace detail that make the outfit a little flirtier. When you have a dress that's this beautiful, you can really let it be the star of the show. 

If you're feeling ready for summer, this sweet outfit of Ruya's is a perfect one to emulate. This light blue dress is breezy and beautiful, with stunning floral detailing on the skirt and sleeves that add a feeling of luxury. It also has an off the shoulder detail on one side, which makes it look even more unique. Ruya pairs it with a trendy wicker clutch bag, which makes the whole outfit feel like you are about to head to a breezy picnic. Brown sandals add some comfort if you are walking around the city, especially with a supportive ankle strap. 

Ruya's blog is full of inspiration for work-to-happy hour outfits, and this is a perfect example. Here, she rocks a chambray button down with a black pencil skirt and chic blag handbag. If you work in a creative field, wearing a chambray shirt is a great way to make your outfit feel a little breezier and summer-ready. The standout of the look, however, are her Dior shoes, which make the whole outfit look a little edgier and luxurious. 

In addition to her outfits, Ruya also shares her beauty, travel, and lifestyle favorites on her blog. Be sure to follow along to see all of her looks.

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