Re-Making History: Philadelphia's Top 10 Fashion Bloggers
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Re-Making History: Philadelphia's Top 10 Fashion Bloggers

Philadelphia is the city you probably first heard about in history class, and maybe even took a school trip to. Home of the Liberty Bell and the Italian Market, this city is drenched in historical significance. But what is history if not to be made every single day, and these ten women are making it! Using the magnificent and charming city of Philly as their backdrop, these bloggers are in charge of changing the trends and creating new history in the amazing city of Philadelphia.

Megan Mandell

Instagram Handle: @honesttwentyone

About Megan

Megan Mandell lives in Philadelphia and got her fashion foundation there, too. In 2015, she started a fashion blog to serve as a portfolio before becoming a student and Philadelphia University. She graduated with a degree in an area of fashion and has worked as a stylist and influencer for some of the top names in fashion such as Elle Magazine, Marc Jacobs and Bvlgari. Using her experience in the fashion world as well as the business one, Megan created Honest Twenty One for “the diverse and ambitious 20 something. They are creative, curious, and versatile.” Through her platform, Megan explores the life of a 20 something year old trying to make it, through the lens of fashion and lifestyle. She keeps up with the trends and helps them translate to her target audience. She’s got an audience and a round of applause; encore!

Our Favorite Look

When colors really shouldn’t work together but kinda do in the most awesome of ways, it’s amazing. Most of the time it has to do with the person wearing them, and Megan Mandell doesn’t just wear this outfit, she owns it! 

Kristen Summers

Instagram Handle: @blondeonearth

Re-Making History: Philadelphia's Top 10 Fashion Bloggers

About Kristin

She’s the girl you’d trade in your best friend for. Or just add her to your crew and be scared of an upstaging. Not because she’s a mean girl, but because she gets it and isn’t afraid to admit her favorite color is pink. Her self-authored bio says it best: “I’m pretty simple.  I like good food, even better drinks and I love to travel.  My closet is always entirely too full of clothing but I am constantly looking to add to it.  I love doughnuts – maybe more than the average person should.” There’s no famous designer background or collaboration, Kristin is just a girl sharing her version of pretty with the world.

Our Favorite Look

Some days you’re in the mood of dressing up and then the mood changes to “meh… Gimme my sneakers!” Kristin captures that mood in her outfit, but makes it work and in the cutest and chicest of ways. Always start with a great sweater, and Kristin’s oversized oatmeal colored one is no exception. Her silky leopard print midi skirt is a total game changer-one we’d wear with heels as well as fuzzy slippers. “Dad sneakers” provide that element of comfort while not forgetting about fashion and that completes her look for those mood-swing Mondays!

Amanda Culen

Instagram Handle: @thepennyparlor

Re-Making History: Philadelphia's Top 10 Fashion Bloggers

About Amanda

You know those moms you point to and say, “when I grow up, that’s who I want to be”? They’ve got it all together (or at least do a good job of pretending they do), their kids always look adorable and their house is impeccable. Hello, Amanda Culen. We see you! A mom of three, Amanda is also a wife and a blogger. The Penny Parlor is where Amanda shares her passions: “fashion, DIY projects, good deals, mommy moments, home decor and beauty products!”

Our Favorite Look

Fashion has some rules that have been hotly debated and, in recent years, unceremoniously broken. White after Labor Day is a thing and so is mixing black and navy. Another rule we’re happy to break? No denim on denim. Steering clear of the Justin and Brittany denim disaster, Amanda kept is cute and free with just a little edge. A lighter wash denim shirt was tied at the waist and had the top few buttons open and leading to a popped collar. Jeans with a more relaxed fit were amazingly distressed the camel colored sandals were a perfect match to the outfit. A woven hat and bag with some brown sunnies, and Amanda is ready to hit the beach. It’s safe to say the beach won’t know what hit it!

Lindsey Schuster

Instagram Handle: @themotherchic


The Motherchic- “because motherhood isn’t always glamorous, but there is no shame in trying.” A former elementary school teacher, Lindsey is now trying to wrestle for control of her four boys. She is the mom all moms can relate to, with special talents including “wiping my counter tops 87 times per day, maintaining a laundry basket full of unmatched socks at all times, breaking up wrestling matches and/or ignoring them…” Lindsey has figured out how to find herself within the chaos of her life and not give up on all things chic. She’s the perfect balance of #momgoals and #womangoals.

As a mom, easy looks are essential to mental health. That’s why we’re a fan of dresses that can be worn as is for a more chilled afternoon and dressed up for a lunch date. Lindsey’s denim dress fits the criteria. It’s adorable when worn on its own or when it’s mixed with a white flowy cardigan like Lindsey’s. She added gold slides and pink tassel earrings for the perfect motherly chic outfit. Motherhood, conquered.

Jeronica Mensah

Instagram Handle: @styleandpoise

About Jeronica

Born in North Carolina, raised in New Jersey and living in Philadelphia, Jeronica has called three states home but her influence is ubiquitous. Staying away from the blogger stereotype, Jeronica is far from stuck up. Although fashion influencing and personal styling is what she does for a living, Jeronica gets a genuine sense of joy and fulfillment through inspiring and uplifting others. 

“Her personal philosophy is to “Be You, Do You, and Live Life to Capacity.” Her desire to encourage men and women to love and embrace who they are, no matter the shape or size, transitions into her style experience, organically.” Holding a degree in education helps Jeronica connect with her clients and break down the self-conscious walls that are sometimes built. She’s a total inspiration and we’re slowly losing our inhibitions!

Our Favorite Look

For when you’re in the mood of making a big, bold, beautiful statement, Jeronica’s got you! All her outfits are just happy, fun and well thought out; fun without being garish. We love this one in particular because it’s exciting enough to make a statement but the pieces are classy enough to wear to work. A black cami and black sock booties are the only mundane things about the ensemble, albeit necessary pieces that tie the look together. A bright orange jacket complements a short, waisted skirt with a colorful geometric pattern and wide pleat details. Classically quilted, a Chanel bag with gold hardware dangles from Jeronica’s hand while gold hoops continue to make a statement. It’s fun, fresh and free!

Jacklyn Dunn

Instagram Handle: @jacklyn.gerace

About Jacklyn

Living in Philadelphia with her dog, Blu and husband, Jeff (who, by the way, is nice enough to concede every closet in the house to her), Jacklyn is still growing up. She’s always had her heart in three places: education, business and fashion. After crossing teaching off her bucket list, Jacklyn is now doing her fashion thing through Three Sisters One Closet. The name came about from Jacklyn, her two sisters, and the closets they share. 

“There are fewer things that I enjoy more than new stationary, a brand-new pair of socks and color coding my closet but one thing that beats all of those is finding an incredible deal while out shopping. My goal when shopping is to find trendy pieces for a well put together look for inexpensive prices…. and splurging on a few must-have’s : )” Jacklyn’s platform just has this way of making you feel pretty.

Our Favorite Look

Dressing up when you’re feeling down about your body isn’t fun. It’s going through your closet, tossing everything into a pile and crying in a bathrobe. So when you don’t to get out of your good jeans, Jacklyn knows the secret is a good top. Asymmetrical tops can be a great way to hide your bloat while still looking fabulous. 

Jacklyn paired an amazing pair of dark grey jeans with a white asymmetrical shirt that came down to mid-thigh at its lowest point. A pair of nude pumps kicked the outfit up a notch and Jacklyn got dressed without getting dressed and we’re envious of that skill!

E.M. Ricchini

Instagram Handle: @emricchini

About E.M.

“No longer content with pretty pictures and witty captions being the legacy found in my digital footprint, this blog is now my love letter to you, my darling readers.” What started off in 2012 as a diary of sorts, both fashion and journal-esque, Lark and Lace has gone through an evolution. The constant remains E.M. Ricchini sharing her thoughts with the world. Except now her thoughts are a lot surer of who she is and she knows her place in the world. E.M. Ricchini shares her life with bipolar disorder, fashion for her curves and just the everyday that she experiences. She’s eclectic and so very real, it’s refreshing.

Our Favorite Look

It’s so of a certain era, the outfit almost looks like a costume. Almost. We say that because you can and should wear it out and then smile and wave at the admiring looks being thrown your way. Don’t pretend you’re heading to a costume party, stand tall and own your inner Victorian ‘80s lady! 

A periwinkle dress with pirate sleeves, pleats and lace details at the collar and cuffs make for a beautiful focal point. E.M. Ricchini matched her black tights with brown velvet heels that sort of pointed in the front and had an embellished mary jane strap. A brown hat added some flair and the whole outfit just came together in the most wonderful of ways.

Iesha Vincent

Instagram Handle: @livinglesh

About lesha

Iesha Vincent started her blog and named it Living Lesh after people would mistake the “I” in her name for an “L”. They’d call her Lesha, and so she shortened it to Lesh. Iesha lives in Philadelphia, loves the luxurious finer things, and is on a budget. She started blogging to help girls on the fashion journey that she took to find herself and become an “it girl”. While appreciating and coveting luxury, Lesh enjoys putting together affordable outfits, using her “fake it ‘til you make it” mantra. She’s a student by day, blogger by night, and style sensation all day long!

Our Favorite Look

Lately, preppy has been confused with slutty. Forget the too-open shirts and too-short pleated skirts, Lesh created a look that’s preppy, classy and adorable! A blue and red checked dress was cinched at the waist with a black belt that had an ornate silver buckle. Knee-high boots in a sand color were there to finish off the outfit, giving it a touch of polish as well as an interesting factor. 

Erica Ligenza

Instagram Handle: @ericaligenza

About Erica

There are those girls who talk a million miles a minute, but you can’t stop listening and you can’t look away because they’re so captivating. Girls like Erica. She’s so much fun, her platform just makes you smile and she totally won’t judge you for that tenth cup of coffee! 

Read how she describes herself and you’ll see exactly what we mean! “…I’m really friggin’ stoked you’re here. I’m a Philadelphia-based life-and-style blogger, brand strategist, business consultant, newlywed, and wine-and-cheese enthusiast. The Wharton School of Business at UPenn was my four-year home, but there was not a chance in you-know-where that I was ending up on Wall Street. (They don’t like pink enough.)” Erica laughs out loud and won’t stop until you join in!

Our Favorite Look

Sequins are not something we joke about. Neither are statements. A statement making sequin sparkling sweatshirt? That’s no jokes! Even while she’s wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and slippers, Erica can’t help but spread positivity and light. Her white sweatshirt says “choose to shine” above a rainbow of sequins. Her jeans are classic and comfortable while her slippers are sandal-style with a sprinkling of pearls to keep up with the trends. It’s cute for running an errand, perfect for making someone’s day. 

Simonetta Lein

Instagram Handle: @simonettalein

About Simonetta

Condensing Simonetta’s accomplishments into one blog post just doesn’t seem fair. She’s one of the world’s top 100 influencers, is a Huffington Post contributor and has been on a multitude of TV shows and red carpets. Her passion for fashion and advocacy led Simonetta to create the Wishwall Foundation. It allows people from all over the world to post their hopes, dreams and desires to the “Wishwall” which Simonetta and her team then go through and help make some of them come true. Having her dreams come true, Simonetta wants other women to know what it’s like. Among many other things, Simonetta is an extremely successful personality with lots of heart to share.

Our Favorite Look

It’s wild, loud and so totally insane. But Simonetta pulled it off and so can you. And if you have nowhere to wear it to, wear it around your house and sing like you’re Beyonce at the Grammies. The entire outfit was centered around Simonetta’s pants. They’re a sparkly, loose fitting number with tons of color. A bright blue blazer was paired with the pants, and subsequently covered with a huge, fluffy, cozy fur coat in an electric blue color covered with pink and white flowers. It’s the outfit that makes you feel extra just by looking at it.

Katerina Seigel

Instagram Handle: @katerinaseigel

About Katerina

Growing up in Philadelphia, Katerina’s blog started like a lot of others-out of necessity. After making changes to her diet, she started Sincerely Katerina to share the recipes supporting her new lifestyle. The blog quickly morphed into a creative outlet for all of Katerina’s passions. On any given day, you can find articles about fashion, food, travel and lifestyle as Katerina travels, blogs and photographs herself living and loving life.

Our Favorite Look

You’ve seen overall jumpers before. And you’ve seen plaid with black and red accents before. But Katerina does a mashup of the two and we’re so here for it! A short, plaid, belted overall jumper is layered with a black turtleneck. White high-top Converse sneakers and a red scarf in her hair give Katerina’s outfit a cutely sophisticated yet casual vibe. It’s the kind of outfit you’d wear to school but also to Paris. J’adore.

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