Que Sera Sahra: Versatile Style and Wanderlust
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Que Sera Sahra: Versatile Style and Wanderlust

Que Sera Sahra is blogger Sahra's style and travel diary, where she has been documenting her outfits and adventures since 2009. Sahra considers herself a 'style chameleon', and is always trying out new trends. She's proof that you can always switch up your aesthetic and make it look natural - it's all about the confidence. Sahra is also an avid traveler, and documents her adventures on her blog with city guides and of course, plenty of stunning photography. 

Sahra has always been passionate about fashion - growing up in New England, she was interested in modeling, but quickly switched to working in fashion merchandising after moving to New York City for college. Since living in NYC, she has sinced moved to Washington DC and eventually to San Francisco, which she currently calls home. She and her husband have a dog and two cats, and Sahra also shares home decor and lifestyle tips on her blog in addition to fashion. All of her posts are completely shoppable, and you'll find links on her blog to some excellent Amazon recommendations as well as links to items featured in her outfit posts. Sahra also shares her practical tips for staying organized and having fun as a busy millennial in a big city. While there's plenty of visual inspiration, her posts are also very relatable for ambitious young professionals. 

There are some days where you feel like wearing pajamas, but unfortunately have to make yourself look presentable. This look is perfect for those days. Sahra's velvet jumpsuit looks incredibly glamorous and elegant, but is still comfy enough to move around in easily. Her boots add some toughness to the look as well as some height, and delicate necklaces finish things off. If you live in a colder climate, all you'd need to do is add a jacket and this outfit could take you from spring through to fall. 

Print mixing is one of the ultimate hallmarks of cool girl style, and Sahra nails it with this look, which features both stripes and leopard print. The reason it works so well is because the leopard print maxi skirt is a big print, while the stripes are much smaller, so they don't clash. The sneakers make this look more practical for heading out and about in the city. The entire look is ultra-comfy for a breezy summer day off. 

San Francisco is notorious for its foggy weather - it's never totally cold or totally warm. This outfit is perfect for a day in SF, with a comfy fleece-lined jacket to keep warm. The floral maxi dress is romantic and flowy, and subtly Western-inspired boots complete the bohemian look. It's totally effortless and takes inspiration from the city's history as a hippie mecca - but with a modern twist for today. 

Be sure to follow Sahra on Instagram and on her blog to keep up with her adventures. With beautiful photos and great style, there's so much to inspire you

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