Palette Pop is a Fashion Blog That Really Pops!
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Palette Pop is a Fashion Blog That Really Pops!

Palette Pop is a fashion blog that is fun by a data scientist. You read that right. This Manhattan-based fashionista works on Wall Street in the Healthcare Data Industry, but in her spare time she runs this blog as a means of expressing her true passion-- totally eye-catching, eye-POPPING fashion! She has a thing for looks that will stand out no matter what setting they're put in, and it's not surprising to see bright pinks, blues, reds and yellows paired with unique clothing designs. Making us love Palette Pop even more, most of the outfit photos are snapped in front of equally eye-catching murals and colorful spots around New York City.

Check out her instagram page (@palette.pop) for a full rainbow of colorful looks that pop! For a sneak preview though, scroll down and take a look at the examples that we've pulled below. Enjoy!

Polka Dot Blouse with Light Blue Mini Dress

The flowy polka dot blouse with a ribbon tie collar is obviously the first thing that pops out when we look at this outfit. If anything though, the solid blue mini dress with diagnonal ruching helps the polka dots shine even more, adding dimension and a big splash of color to the look. 

We love how she added more shape and detail with metallic geometric statement earrings (they are definitely noticeable, but they don't draw attention away from the main features of the outfit). She finishes this stunning look off with one last pop of color-- bright yellow pointed shoes! The whole outfit is a stunner as a result. 

You can make this look your own by going with the bold print blouse of your choice and checking out all the top dress brands. We also see a romper or jumpsuit working well with this look. As for hair, we gotta say that we think the original look nailed it! The updo is perfect for this.

Babydoll Dress with Close Toe Heels and Pom Pom Socks!

There's so many things to love about this outfit! The velvet babydoll style dress is on point, and its dark color contrasts nicely with the pale greenish blue tee underneath. The light gray close toe heels look almost like they match the tee, and the colors all have an exciting 90s aqua vibe (hey, the 1990s are back on trend!)

But who are we kidding, it's the big pom pom socks that are the real fun surprise here! By drawing attention to the ankles, height / length is actually added to the look. That said, if you're going to pull off a thick detail like this around your ankles, high heels are definitely the way to go (otherwise height can be diminished). 

If you don't want to go full babydoll, consider trying another style of velvet strap dress. Also consider adding a pair of the trendiest sunglasses. As for the socks, if pom poms aren't your thing, try a fun print instead, like polka dots!

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