Nerline Germain is Chic From Hair 2 Toe
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Nerline Germain is Chic From Hair 2 Toe

When people think of bloggers, they think of categories to fit them in. There's the sweet midwestern mom who loves Target, the polished New Yorker who lives for the power lunches, the party girl whose instagram feed is full of beach vacations and girl's nights out... Although there are many more categories and everyone does indeed bring their own flavor and flair, most bloggers are stereotyped. There are some, however, who do their own thing. They walk their own walk, invent their own brand (no milennial pink in sight!) and give the world something they've never seen before. Nerline Germain of Chic From Hair 2 Toe is a blogger who walks her own path and we're loving it!

Born and raised in Haiti, Nerline Germain came to the United States in 1998. After graduation high school, she went to college where Nerline and her husband fell in love. They currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia with their two beautiful children, Alexander Joseph and Cianna Marie. It was after she was a stay at home mom for five years that Nerline needed a change. She started her blog and instagram and named them Chic From Hair 2 Toe because "I like to look chic from hair 2 toe, but I am a very frugal person." With a glass of red wine or a mug of black coffee in hand, Nerline Germain aims to inspire one post at a time.

Our Favorite Looks

Monochromatic looks have been bouncing around in the fashion world for the past couple of seasons. From stark contrasts and vastly different hues to same shades and marginal differences, people have been playing around and having fun with this trend. If a head to toe monochrome outfit scares you, break it up with an accessory or two, like Nerline did so perfectly. She wore a hot pink long sleeve sweater and cotton pants in a slightly darker shade of pink. A white scarf tied in a knot around her neck added a touch of sophistocation and provided a break from the pink. There are no shoes in the photo but we'd totally wear it with white sneakers or a pair of bright sandals from one of the top sandal brands. Have fun with it!

Stripes are the saving grace of moms everywhere. The pattern is bold enough to be flattering and busy enough to hide sippy cup spills. It's fun on its own or paired with a solid item, like Nerline did. She wore a black knee length dress with white stripes. Over that, a short grey cardigan that Nerline knotted in the front for an extra style kick. A pair of black heels added some polish to the look and a colorful and patterned tote bag took the personality up a notch.

Picture this: you have a busy top in a fun color and busy print. Now it's time to match a skirt or pants to it, what do you choose? Most of us would opt for a basic like black, white or denim, but not Nerline! She wore a blue top with a light and dark pink flower pattern. Instead of the obvious choices, Nerline matched the darkest shade of pink on the top and rocked those burgundy pants! Off-white shoes were the perfect choice to finish off the unexpected yet super stylish outfit.

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