Neon Hue: Colorful Style With An Edge
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Neon Hue: Colorful Style With An Edge

When you visit blogger Claudia's site Neon Hue, one of the first things you will notice is that she's never afraid to take a risk. Her style is sleek, edgy, and daring, and most of her outfits wouldn't look out of place strutting down a red carpet. Her confidence is infectious, and she's the perfect blog to read if you're looking for a little bit of extra inspiration to pull off a bold look yourself. She also rocks some incredibly stylish bright makeup looks to compliment her outfits, and occasionally shares tutorials on her Instagram TV, so you can get the look too.

Claudia is based in the New York City/New Jersey area, and works as a senior QA engineer for major media groups like HBO and Warner Brothers. She's also a mom, and you can check out her son Leo's stylish looks on his own Instagram. On her blog, she shares her bold looks, as well as insights into her beauty routine and collaborations with her favorite brands. But be sure to check out her Instagram stories as well - they are full of entertaining lifestyle content as she documents many different aspects of her life, both at work and at home. While it's difficult to choose a favorite of Claudia's bold looks, here are three that stand out.

This outfit looks like it could be pulled straight out of a fashion magazine, and if you want to stand out the next time you go to a big party, this is what you should be wearing. The gold fringe dress immediately brings the glamor, with plenty of movement and sparkle to turn heads. For a totally unexpected pairing, Claudia rocks it with white cowboy boots, which really take the look to the next level and add even more sass. Pop on some futuristic sunglasses, and you're ready to take on the world.

This 70s inspired outfit brings the drama, but would still be totally appropriate to wear in many workplaces. The oversized red double-breasted vest is structured and gives the look a power suit vibe, while the polka dot blouse gives the look more of a boho vibe, with pretty billowing sleeves. Claudia adds a mod touch to the look with fresh white accessories - the boots and heels are both very practical for a day out in the city. Her oversized sunglasses add an ultra-glam touch.

One of Claudia's signature pieces is pleather pants in a variety of different colors. Here, she takes things to the next level with a lilac version, looking both entirely feminine and edgy at the same time. Her oversized pink coat is cute and helps her stay warm, and she pairs it with a belt to give the look structure. Heeled booties add some height, and little pops of yellow balance out the femininity of the coat and pants. 

Claudia's bold looks always feel like they could be right off the runway or out of a fashion magazine. However, she always makes them practical for occasions in everyday life.

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