Molly Larsen (All About Good Vibes): Try Me On For Size
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Molly Larsen (All About Good Vibes): Try Me On For Size

Successful people are mostly the same. Watch their interviews, listen to their podcasts and scroll through their social media. Whenever they’re asked about the key to their success, the answers are all the same. It’s either something about their spouse/parent/sibling and not being able to do it without them, or it’s about the power of the hustle. But the common thread between them is the adage, “a magician never reveals his tricks.” In an age where insecurities run deep and money assuages guilt, entrepreneurs and business people don’t want to share the recipe to their secret sauce. The truly confident, however realize that sharing their business tips has little to do with the success of their business. They understand the value everyone individual brings to the world and aren’t threatened by it but rather, they embrace it. No one can truly copy anyone else and Molly Larsen isn’t afraid to share her methods and say, “try me!”

Molly Larsen was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She takes a fierce pride in her ability to be a stay at home mom as well as full-time blogger. “I hate when people think a stay at home mom is not a job! and want me to go get a job! Really, what’s wrong with these people! I worked full time before and I know exactly how hard it is to be a full-time mom than having a full-time job!! Give me a break! Huhh! — Sorry love I got carried away! lol.” She’s opinionated, invested in working hard and obsessed with teaching. Her Instagram and blog platforms, All About Good Vibes, are best described in Molly’s own words, “a feel-good destination that inspires women to love, care and be themselves.”

Lady in Red

Bold monochromatic looks have been en vogue for a number of seasons already. However, they’re generally worn exclusively by statement makers and only ogled by us mere plebeians. Molly Larsen gave us an outfit that’s all red, all fierce but also fun and wearable. She started off with a red cocktail length spaghetti strap dress and vintage red sling-back pumps. A red shearling-lined jacket took the look from winter to spring while a red bucket bag is where she stored her amazing red lipstick. Over the top? Maybe. But it’s definitely a daring and different way to shake things up!

Fun Florals

The ever-changing weather has got us confused. Mornings feel like the most frigid, darkest days of winter while late afternoon sees us breaking out the air conditioning and short sleeves. With Mother Nature being her tempestuous self, what on earth are we supposed to wear?! Unless you’re lugging around three different outfits, layering is your best option to stay comfortable all day. Molly wore an easy white long sleeve dress with slight shirring detail and a yellow floral print. A yellow teddy bear letterman jacket and white “dad sneakers” completed the transitional ensemble.

Going Green

We all have those days where we're just not feeling it. We're bloated, had too much pizza or got stuck in traffic. Those days call for some TLC but honestly, nothing makes us feel better than a killer outfit. And when you're not feeling hot, killer outfits include awesome jackets to hide behind. The last months of pregnancy can leave a woman feeling decidedly uncute but Molly managed to slay in green. She wore a tight-fitting short emerald green dress with a scoop neck. A green velour jacket covered up all the right places and left Molly looking fabulous! She accessorized with a newsboy hat, small black leather box bag and black sock booties. Kinda effortless, kinda chic, all good vibes.

In every business you can find people at the top of their game who are afraid of sharing their method for success. The blogging industry, however, has more insecurity than any other. The fact that Molly Larsen shares tips and tricks on how to do exactly what she does, speaks to her confidence in who she is. Molly believes there is no one like her and therfore whoever she shares her methods with wouldn't compete with her, instead they'd compliment her brand. And indeed, Molly is so unique with a style that's all her own-all good vibes here!

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