Miss Minus Sized Has Big Style!
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Miss Minus Sized Has Big Style!

Sushmitha, a.k.a. the blogger behind the style and beauty website Miss Minus Sized, is one of our new favorite petite-style fashion influencers! Impressively, this fashionista is a blogger by night and a PhD neuroscientist by day. Originally from India, she is now based in San Francisco and embracing a colorful array of looks for sunny, warm weather days. While Sushmitha has plenty of great dresses, most of her looks are ensembles that consist of multiple great pieces. Hop on over to her instagram (@missminussized) for the full spectrum of colorful looks for the petite, but in the meantime you can get a preview with the looks we've pulled here!

Long Button-Down Skirt with Purple Tee and Statement Necklace

The light colored maxi skirt is the main stunner here. Its long and flowing, but the subtle button-down front is what really makes it unique. We like how Sushmitha didn't overwhelm the detail on this outfit by going for a simple solid color top (albeit in a beautiful light purple color) and minimal jewelry

Sushmitha finishes this look off with a scarf, round sunglasses and stylish crossbody bag, letting the world know that this petite fashionista is ready for anything the day has in store! You can make this look your own by playing around with the specific colors and accessories used. Try a pair of flat sandals for footwear.

Orange Top with Light Blue Print Midi Skirt and White Clutch

Gorgeous colors to be seen here! Sushmitha may be sporting this look at the beach, but throw on a pair of heels or nice sandals, and you're polished for a nice daytime event. 

We'll start with the midi skirt. From far away it may look blue all over, but look closely and you'll see that it actually has multiple colors going for it in a beautiful print. She then paired it with a bright orange tee that's knotted in the front for just a touch of detail and texture. It's an eye-catching color for sure, but the fact that it's solid allows the skirt to still stand out.

Sushmitha finishes the look off by holding a book, a nice choice. We also love the long flowing hairstyle here, but we feel a tousled side braid or high bun would also work here. 

Remember, you can always dress this look up more if you need to. In addition to adding in the footwear of your choice, we see a few bracelets and some earrings easily adding some complementing bling to this outfit. 

Long Horizontal Striped Dress with Wide Brimmed Hat and Red Belt Bag

This long, horizonatal striped dress is awesome, and Sushmitha smartly gave it more shape with the addition of an eye-catching red belt bag. She could have gone with a brown-colored bag or a black one, but the red really pops out against the dress and prevents it from appearing too long or shapeless (always a risk with this many horizontal stripes). 

Sushmitha finishes this look off with a beautiful wide brimmed hat, though you could opt for a pair of the most on-trend sunglasses brands to top it off. We feel a knotted headband could also work well with this look. If you're not on the beach, throw on a pair of nice sandals and you're good to go!

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