Michaele Nunez Brings High Style and Smiles to MICKAA
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Michaele Nunez Brings High Style and Smiles to MICKAA

Need a smile? Head on over to MICKAA, Michaele Nunez's fashion website and lifestyle blog. Born in Haiti, Nunez discovered her love of fashion at an early age. She moved to the United States in her teens, eventually moving to New York at age 23 to pursue her passion. Today, she is a top fashion influencer with over 67,000 followers and a huge, colorful wardobe!

That's right, this fashionista is all about color! Browse through Nunez's instagram, @uptown_with_mickaa, and you'll see a full color palette of bright hues interspersed with prints that stand out. Take a look at the outfits we've gone ahead and pulled as examples of Nunez's great style.

Flowing Green Maxi Dress with Red Accessories

This dress is gorgeous! Nunez pulls it off expertly on the beach, but the long, flowing cut of this green maxi dress would fit just as well at a formal event. The wrap style works in both casual and elegant settings, and it's really all about how you accessorize! 

Nunez accessorizes the look here with a pair of red heels and red earrings that are just as bright. Notice how Nunez added one more small splash of color with her bright yellow nail polish! You can adapt this look for yourself by incorporating your own colors, but don't forget extra details like that!

Nunez makes this look even more flowing and elegant with her long hair swept down around her shoulders, but a tousled updo would also work well here.

Print Mini Skirt with Light Pink Blouse and Red Heels

The floral mini skirt is the most prominent feature in this pretty look, its width giving it movement and an almost delicate appearance. She then gives this pretty-delicate vibe and even bigger boost by pairing the skirt with a flowy, light pink sleeveless top. She completes the look with a bold pair of red heels with ankle straps! This style of shoe is the perfect way to go with this outfit style, because the ankle straps add just a touch of dimension and hard lines to the otherwise flowy, delicate look. 

Look closely, and you'll also notice a pair of red earrings that coordinate with the shoes! Even though this look appears light overall, the red features give it added depth and just a touch of spark. When adapting this look for yourself, take note and don't be afraid to add in some unexpected color shades here and there!

Sleeveless Turtleneck Top with Distressed Jeans and High Heel Sandals

We love this look because it's such a departure from her regular looks! The light brown turtleneck sleeveless top is both smart and cool. It's the type of top you'd expect to see paired with a skirt or even under a blazer, but it works surprisingly very well with the slightly relaxed distressed jeans

Nunez could have gone with a more casual shoe or a pair of booties from one of the hottest boot brands, but instead she dressed it up with a pair of black high heel sandals! The look is both edgy and pretty as a result, and it fits in a wide range of settings. You can dress it up or dress it down as you wish, but don't be afraid to blend different casual and dressy elements like Nunez did here! If you do want to accessorize more, some light jewelry would go well here.

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