Meg Marie Wallace: A Feminine Powerhouse
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Meg Marie Wallace: A Feminine Powerhouse

Meg Marie Wallace is a lifestyle blogger, wife, and mother to 6 children with #7 on the way. Based in Texas, family and an intimate relationship with God, are of the utmost importance to Meg. At the beginning of Meg's marriage, she and her husband struggled with infertility. However, they overcame that challenge repeatedly. Proof that we all have our own challenges, but with enough faith and patience, even the most difficult ones can be defeated.

She is passionate about writing and uses it to serve as both a creative outlet for personal expression and a connection to other women. Her blog and instagram are raw and honest in sharing her motherhood journey and Christian faith. She offers a transparent and very real peek into a life that is not always glossy, but unabashadely authentic. Her hope is that somewhere along the way, aspects of her life, will resonate with other women. Her passion and purpose lies in encouraging women to pursue the meaningful things that matter most to them, and “to live beautifully, inside and out”.

Her style is uber feminine, soft, and dainty. Each of her outfits easily capture style and comfort, the latter being pertinent when juggling 6 children!

Most Coveted Looks

Pastel Maxis

Meg Marie Wallace: A Feminine Powerhouse

Meg accentuates her bump with a beautiful pink maxi dress, a perfect warm weather option. Maxi dresses are versatile and always on trend, effortless transitioning from day to evening or from a casual to an upscale and elevated look. You can wear yours alone, or with a statement making hat. Stay low-key with your favorite pair of warm weather white sneakers or get elegant with a striking pair of strappy sandals. Don't forget to add a jacket, casually slung over your shoulders for maximum "cool girl" vibes.

Classic Polka Dot Flow

A polka dot dress accessorized with a straw hat and a gold bangle is a classic summer outfit. In fact, nothing communicates a quinessential summer look, quite like polka dots. This pattern is currently trending everywhere and a must-have for the true fashionista. Wear it with annother print, to take your style to the next level. Or include the print in your accessories, via bag or shoes. Add a sequin bag with your polka dots to add a touch of glamour to this classic look.

Fitted Tee and Printed Skirt

We love the stylish combination of a fitted tee with a print pencil skirt. Depending on the shoes, this is another modern look that can easily transition from day to evening. Wear high top sneakers during the day, and retro block heels at night with hair pulled up and polised hoops. Adding a cropped leather jacket to this outfit, instantly maximizes the sleek factor.

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