Mary Gui: An Influencer, Uninfluenced
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Mary Gui: An Influencer, Uninfluenced

The quintessential fashion blogger wears Gucci mules and GlamGlow face masks. They complain about NYC traffic, insta-story conversations with their Uber drivers and know every feature wall within a ten-mile radius. If you’ve ever been on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across such accounts but to be fair, it’s not hard to make Hermes look good. Everyone can have fashion, but style? That’s an art, and Mary Gui is an artist extraordinaire.

A corporate renegade, Mary Gui quit her routine job and is now full-time fabulous. Through her blog, Layers of Chic and Instagram, Mary’s self-proclaimed “chronically overdressed” personality shines through. With her penchant for panache, Layers of Chic is a venerable look-book of eclectic and fabulous outfits all with Mary’s signature vintage-meets-modern style.

Casual Confidence

Always one to turn mundane to madness, Mary Gui made jeans and a sweater into something fabulous. With chain fringe running down the sides of her jeans, teal trim on a white sweater, red 90’s inspired sunglasses, and white abstract earrings, Mary’s ensemble is already packing a punch. But the pièce de résistance, so as to say, “Mary was here!” is her footwear. Sky blue socks with red and orange ice cream cones and blue-grey open-toe, chunky-heeled mules should not work. But they do. Because it’s Mary Gui.

Denim Dare

Fashion week is a time when statements are made, and Mary Gui did not disappoint! A light denim skirt and jacket, full red body suit and black bralette are a bold choice, but adding a yellow bag and silver booties, that's a Layers of Chic kind of bold.

Styled Sophistocation

It's not difficult to appear sophisticated. But to remove the stuffy aspect, wear a really fun piece and still look sophisticated takes some serious savvy. A white skirt adorned with a patterns of black polka dots, popcorn and lips was paired with a black turtleneck, red crossbody bag and purple booties. It's a look where fun meets fashion and style meets Mary.

When the "fashion blogger" title is taken by many but owned by few, Mary Gui's genius is apparent and appreciated.

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