Marci De La Rose Celebrates the Beauty of Life and Style
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Marci De La Rose Celebrates the Beauty of Life and Style

Though she was born in upstate New York and raised "alongside the beautiful beaches" of Miami, Florida, Rose Litkowski draws her fashion inspirations from sources the world over. This fashion and lifestyle blogger draws her influences from her travels, resulting in a street style that blends different cultural accessories and patterns.

Litkowski's website is Marci De La Rose, and it's all about new adventures and new styles, not to mention celebrating the beauty of life! Her looks are a colorful collage of lighthearted prints and colors, paired with unique shapes. Whether it's a fun handbag or a shirt with a structured cut, Litkowski is quite literally adding exciting dimensions to street fashion. Take a look at Rose's instagram, @marcidelarose, for the whole collection (along with some truly amazing travel photos). Or, keep scrolling here to get a taste of what this influencer's looks are really about!

Floral Print Pants with White Crop Top and Green Handbag

These floral print pants with a matching belt are perfect for summer or spring! High waisted pants almost always go great with a crop top, and while this white crop top is simple in color, its unique shape and cut are what really draw the eye. We love that sweetheart neckline and puffed short sleeves! If it were blue, we'd think it belonged to Princess Jasmine herself. 

Litkowski finishes this look off with a small green handbag with a gold charm, along with a shiny watch and a couple of equally shiny bracelets. Small details like this help to balance out the look. 

You can make this look your own by playing around with the colors and selecting a few of your own accessories. A pair of white, beige or even green sandals will work well here for footwear, though you can also go with flats if you want a closed toe. 

White Pants, Broad Rimmed Hat and Amazing Color Collage Shirt

Okay seriously, how awesome is this shirt? We're really digging the long balloon sleeves, but it's the color collage print that's truly stunning. It's both retro and modern, and it feels like it could fit in well anywhere in the world! 

Litkowski made the right choice here by letting the shirt speak for itself, pairing it expertly with a pair of crisp white pants and a plain beige broad-rimmed hat. Her flat sandals do have some color to them, but nothing that doesn't complement or reflect the tones of the shirt. 

To embody this look for yourself, find a top that stands out and can serve as the main statement piece of any outfit. Then, pair it with supporting pieces, like a pair of the cutest sandals brands, that let the outfit shine!

Side Slit Midi Dress with Belt and Snakeskin Boots

Both the dress and the boots do such a good job of showcasing one another that it's hard to choose which part of this outfit we like best! First, the purple floral print dress is even more stunning with that side slit, and this detail helps draw the eye immediately down to those tall snakeskin boots. It's like the floral print and the snakeskin are both balancing each other out and engaging in friendly competition, and it's what makes this outfit a real winner. 

Notice how Litkowski finishes this look off with simple black accessories that don't really call that much attention to themselves. This prevents the outfit from looking too busy, and it's a good idea to take note of this when working your own look with two big eye-catching pieces.

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