Lisa Morgan is Our New Favorite 'NYC Woman' of Style
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Lisa Morgan is Our New Favorite 'NYC Woman' of Style

Lisa Morgan was born in England. Though she now runs her own website and blog called NYC Woman and does indeed live in the Big Apple, she grew up in the English countryside and then lived in London for 10 years before moving stateside. She lives now with her Australian-born husband, and suffice to say, this is one NYC Woman who has had a world of different style influences at her disposal.

Not only is Morgan a fashionista and healthy living enthusiast, but she's also a mom and working woman. While it's obvious looking at her outfits that she's got a terrific sense of fashion, Morgan knows that it's important to wear ensembles that are as functional as they are chic. Her looks are very much for the modern-day working woman, and they have just as much NYC appeal as they do a Londoner vibe. We hope you'll enjoy browsing through Morgan's looks on her instagram (@_nyc_woman) as much as we did! Nevertheless, we've gone ahead and pulled a couple of her best looks so far for you to get a taste. 

White Pants and Overcoat with Bright Yellow Shirt and Shoes

We know we don't need to say it, but man, this look really pops! Morgan looks like she's ready to take on anything her day can throw at her in these white pants with matching white overcoat. The bright yellow shirt looks like an extra dose of sunshine against the white, and we love how Morgan chose to complete the outfit with a matching pair of yellow shoes instead of making it complicated with an additional color. 

You can adapt this look for your professional wardrobe by opting for an oversized white blazer instead of an overcoat. While you can mix up the colors as you see fit, we do recommend stick to a bright shirt that'll stand out. We also see a wide variety of hairstyles working here-- go for hair down for a glamorous vibe, hair up for sleek and chic.

Denim Skirt with Black Shirt, Gray Coat and Tall Boots

We're feeling Morgan's inner Londoner coming out in this look! What's really interesting here is that none of the clothing items in this ensemble are particularly showstopping on their own, but they come together for one stunning street wear look. 

The black above-the-knee boots are probably the most eye-catching of any of the pieces, but we also really love the button down denim mini skirt. The black shirt helps to make these pieces stand out. Morgan completed the look by throwing a light gray, long jacket over the whole thing, giving it a sense of cool chicness for while she's out and about. 

This works as a great everyday look, and depending on the kind of office it could even be a professional outfit (some wearers may need to make light tweaks). To make this look your own, you can adjust the height of the boots and even the exact style of the denim skirt. If you're going to accessorize this look, we suggest a simple silver necklace.

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