Lark and Lace; a Love Letter
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Lark and Lace; a Love Letter

“No longer content with pretty pictures and witty captions being the legacy found in my digital footprint, this blog is now my love letter to you, my darling readers.” What started off in 2012 as a diary of sorts, both fashion and journal-esque, Lark and Lace has gone through an evolution. The constant remains E.M. Ricchini sharing her thoughts with the world. Except now her thoughts are a lot surer of who she is and she knows her place in the world. E.M. Ricchini shares her life with bipolar disorder, fashion for her curves and just the everyday that she experiences. She’s eclectic and so very real, it’s refreshing.

Our Favorite Looks

It’s so of a certain era, the outfit almost looks like a costume. Almost. We say that because you can and should wear it out and then smile and wave at the admiring looks being thrown your way. Don’t pretend you’re heading to a costume party, stand tall and own your inner Victorian ‘80s lady! A periwinkle dress with pirate sleeves, pleats and lace details at the collar and cuffs make for a beautiful focal point. E.M. Ricchini matched her black tights with brown velvet heels that sort of pointed in the front and had an embellished mary jane strap. A brown hat added some flair and the whole outfit just came together in the most wonderful of ways.

Warmer weather calls for less coverage. Bikini tops and short shorts are summer icons but what of the curvy girl, or any girl, who just doesn't feel comfortable about her waistline because it's not the same size as Behati Prinsloo's? E.M. Ricchini proves that a high waist makes everything better. A bralette style top in a light pink checked material with a vintage feel and some ruffle detail makes a subtle statement but it is her pants that bring the outfit to life. A light wine color, E.M's silk pants with a flower pattern are high waisted, so different and so fabulous. A black choker completes her look and that hat she's eyeing? We say go for it!

When western meets vintage meets E.M. Ricchini, magical things happen. It's a look that's both edgy and charming, one that is so indicative of E.M. Ricchini's style. Dark jeans with a slight flare at the bottom and frayed edges are matched with a babydoll style denim top. Denim on denim? Yes please! Pointed black booties and an amazing statement necklace complete the western elements while a black leather jacket ensures the outfit retains its edge.

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