Kimberly Kong – The Sensible Stylista
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Kimberly Kong – The Sensible Stylista

If you’re all about that glam life but your account balance is less than glamorous, look to Kimberly Kong, the Sensible Stylista, for inspiration. Known for finding unbelievable high-end bargains, the Stylista knows the struggle of the fashionista on a budget. Doctorate student and classical pianist by day, lifestyle blogger by night, Kong knows how to hustle and how to look good while doing it.

Flirty and feminine, the Sensible Stylista’s style encompasses florals and subtle patterns paired with lots of texture – think lace and thickly-woven textiles. She has a fun, chic look that seems effortless. If your deepest desire is to exude feminine warmth and beauty along with classic elegance, Kong is your muse. We are loving her Instagram and blog too!

Let’s take a closer look at the Stylista’s timeless style:

Snatched Texture

In this look, the Sensible Stylista pairs a coquettish floral print dress with a heavily textured jacket. The dress’ asymmetrical hemline creates an eye-catching focal point – perfect if you like to make a dramatic entrance. A dainty gold heel and matching clutch pull the look together.

The moral of the story … don’t be afraid to play with patterns and texture. Dare to pair things that do not seem like they’re made for each other. Mix and match. You may be surprised by what you create.

Warm, Sexy Layers

Again, the Stylista uses a variety of textures – leather, suede and cotton – to create a layered style that’s to die for. The bold, floral print of the blouse is subdued only by the jaw-dropping mini and long blazer.

Play with textures, prints and hem lengths to heighten the impact of any outfit. Remember, you don’t have to show a lot of skin to be super sexy.

Contrasting Patterns

Not afraid to play with various prints and patterns, the Sensible Stylista is seen here rocking a flowing blouse featuring a quiet print. A solid dress with a bold geometric hemline creates a dramatic pause, drawing they eye to the leopard-print pumps.

See your closet in a whole new light. Rather than a menagerie of mix-and-match pieces, your wardrobe contains a multitude of possibilities. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new today.

If you’re looking to add to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, check out the blog and follow the Sensible Stylista on Instagram. Many of her finds are less than $50!

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