Jessica Cobabe of Chic and Disheveled Makes Sustainable Fashion Accessible
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Jessica Cobabe of Chic and Disheveled Makes Sustainable Fashion Accessible

In the past, it was difficult for fashion and beauty enthusiasts to find clothes and products that were made with the planet in mind. Luckily, sustainable fashion has become mainstream, with many high-fashion brands using ethically sourced materials and bloggers using their platforms to promote sustainable yet stylish fashion. One of these bloggers is Jessica Cobabe, who runs the blog Chic and Disheveled, as well as an Instagram of the same name. She shares her beautifully breezy style as well as her favorite beauty products, showing that sustainability and glamor can go hand in hand.

In addition to showing off her stunning outfits, Jessica is always sharing her tips for how to live more sustainably without sacrificing quality of life. She is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but travels frequently and often features her travels on the blog. She also frequently shares her health and fitness routines. While she loves bold colors and animal prints, most of her outfits are completely timeless. One of the most important practices in sustainable fashion is buying well-made pieces that are designed to last for years, and then mixing and matching them as trends change. Jessica does this so effortlessly, with a style that's simultaneously completely unique and on-trend.

Our Favorite Outfits

With this look, Jessica takes some inspiration from the 1970s and makes it totally modern. The breton striped shirt is a perfect base that goes with anything, and she pairs it with a denim jumpsuit that's comfy and extremely flattering. Add a camel coat, some ankle booties, and a wide-brim hat, and you have the perfect outfit for stomping around town. The great thing about this outfit is that it's something that would be flattering on anyone, and it's totally versatile and would work for a variety of different situations.

This outfit may be mostly black, but it's definitely not basic. The dramatic fringed booties and faux fur vest add lots of movement to the silhouette, and they also give it a super glam, rock and roll vibe. The glitter detailing on the dress and statement earrings go a step further by adding a little bit of sparkle. This would be an amazing look for a night out on the town with your girlfriends.

For a comfy and casual look, Jessica rocks an animal print jumpsuit over the top of a slouchy graphic tee, showing that you don't have to sacrifice comfort to look totally stylish. The clean white sneakers are versatile and perfect if you're going to be on your feet all day, and the maroon bakerboy cap dresses the look up a little bit. This look is the perfect alternative to a basic t-shirt and jeans look for a casual day.

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