Jersey Sure! New Jersey's Top Ten Fashion Bloggers
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Jersey Sure! New Jersey's Top Ten Fashion Bloggers

Stereotypes. We buy into them to make the world around us seem less unknown. The more we can place into the boxes we feel comfortable with, the happier we are. It’s the simple need to understand our surroundings. Perhaps one of the most flawed stereotyping is that of people and the places they come from. New Yorkers are rude, Californians are on a cleanse and The South makes the best sweet tea. Okay, maybe that last part is true. New Jersey hasn’t escaped it’s share of labels. Most people think of outrageous “Joyzee girls”, the no-holds-barred Jersey Shore cast, and the housewives power walking in velour track suits. But not to worry, there is fashion beyond leopard print and mini-dresses. Among the magnificent beaches and adorable towns, New Jersey has some of the best fashion. These bloggers defy the stereotypical Jersey girl and show us how cute, classy and sassy can all live together.

Naty Michele

Instagram Handle: @natymichele

Grief. It’s an emotion that overtakes even the strongest of people. It’s a tempestuous thing, an unpredictable ingredient in the fabric of our lives. Some use it to slide down a rabbit hole of deep, dark desperation. Others use it as an impetus for change. Whether it’s to numb the pain or the determination to really live every day, grief can make us take a step back, reevaluate, and actually make a change. For Naty, grief is what makes her blog so special. After her father’s passing, Naty was determined to find her way in the world. After losing her job, Naty turned Naty Michele into a full-time blogging career unlike any other. “Here you will find a little bit of style mixed with a whole lot of substance.” She doesn’t want to bring you only the fun, frivolous fashion-there’s enough of that. What Naty offers is a place of love, beauty and inspiration, a place to connect on a deeper, more personal level. Naty’s journey is just like ours-sometimes messy but always attempting to see the pretty.

Our Favorite Look:

Working out is not typically when fashion moments happen. (We’re not talking about grabbing coffee in Lululemon, we’re talking about breaking a serious sweat.) Working out is for boxer braids, sports bras and leggings; quite unforgiving unless you’re perfect! But Naty, while she is pretty perfect, has a workout look we’d wear outside of the gym. Sand colored pants/leggings are cute and not the typical black. A mesh top adds a bit of edgy fashion while keeping Naty cool and a white sports bra well… does what sports bras do! A black sweater casually tied around her waist and black and white running shoes complete the look-a look we’d totally wear while running errands.

Sayedero Enytan

About Sayedero:

Being a fashion blogger can be a hobby. It doesn’t need to take up too much time and can be just a series of #OOTD posts. Being a successful fashion blogger, however, is not a side hustle. It’s a grind like any other (okay, maybe more glam) and requires a serious time commitment. Sayedero Enytan, it seems, has more time in her day than the average person. She is a solar engineer, makeup artist and boutique owner. Fashion blogging is another thing on her list of professions and Sayedero pulls it off flawlessly.

Our Favorite Look:

In an interview, Sayedero mentioned her top five wardrobe essentials: black shoes, nude shoes, a statement necklace and leather pants. Our list is pretty much the same, but Sayedero pulls them off in spectacular ways. In this look, Sayedero mixes it up with a striped jumpsuit accessorized with gold earrings, necklace, and bracelets. She shows that stunning can still be simple. It’s the kind of outfit that, if worn to a meeting, you walk in ready to dominate. Far from casual, it’s meant to slay. 

Dileiny Rodriguez Baron

About Dileiny:

Womens’ roles have changed throughout history. From having kids and staying home with them to selling Tupperware from their kitchen, we’re constantly redefining what it means to be a woman. These days, being a woman means being busy. So busy, in fact, there are thousands of memes to prove it! Combining motherhood, romance, friends and work makes for a very tired woman indeed. So tired, that fashion and self-care often fall to the wayside. Dileiny is an exhausted mom juggling everything and she understands that the key to doing that with happiness, is looking and feeling good. “She needs to look and feel good, but she has to do it as fast as grabbing a Big Mac at the McDonald’s drive-thru window.” Love Fashion and Friends is a space where Dileiny shares her fashion and lifestyle tips for the woman who doesn’t take days off.

Our Favorite Look:

Is there anything more mom-like than jeans and a shirt? Maybe not, but this look has us wishing we were the kind of mom Dileiny is. While balancing her son and her heels simultaneously, Dileny is definitely mom goals. Light blue jeans with a relaxed fit and rolled up cuffs are the perfect running around pants. A white shirt with enormous ruffle sleeves is EVERYTHING while a pair of camel colored sandals add just the right touch to the outfit. Dileiny’s bag, however, is kind of unexpected but the outfit just wouldn’t work without it! It’s an oversized clutch with a hot pink diamond shape boho pattern and neon orange tassels at the bottom. The ensemble is cute enough to wear anywhere and chic enough to where everywhere.


Instagram Handle: @thisseasonsgold

About Jessica:

If there was one word created for Jessica, it would be “passion”. Coming from the corporate assistant world, Jessica follows her dreams and never looks back. She describes herself as a mother of two, with her son being “funny, kind and caring of others” and her daughter “beautiful with rosy lips and tons of hair, born still at 33 weeks.” Through all her writings, Jessica’s enormous heart shines through, and her life experiences continue to inspire. “This space is for every woman who loves fashion and wants to be inspired to grow, love, grieve, celebrate, honor and become better by enjoying the little things that make life great. We all deserve those golden moments, especially when we are thrown into the chaos of life.”

Our Favorite Look:

Pink and red is our favorite color combination of the season. It’s unexpected, fresh and fun. The colors seem to be worn in more polished outfits, however, and so seeing them on Jessica’s vacation is a delightful play on the trend. She wore a one shouldered pink swimsuit that only looks better the more sun you get. A red skirt with tiny white flowers wrapped around Jessica’s waist in the most island-y of ways. A pair of flip flops and a big floppy sun hat rounded out this vacation look and now we want to book a ticket.

Keri Fay

Instagram Handle: @kerifay

About Keri:

Keri is every girl and yet she is unlike anyone. After graduating from college with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, Keri promptly decided she wasn’t ready for real life just yet. Keri and her boyfriend hightailed it to Thailand where she taught English for half a year. When they got back from Asia, Keri did a couple of internships until things started to turn around for her blog-wise. She is now a full-time blogger and happily sharing her beautiful style with the world.

Our Favorite Look:

Sure, it’s a festival look but it’s not one that was created for Coachella and needs to stay there. The outfit is young, wild, free and oh so cute. High waisted acid wash jeans were cinched with a sparkly silver belt. A pale-yellow shirt with a loose neckline was tucked into the jeans. A spectacular denim jacket has raw edges, big sleeves and fringes hanging from the sleeves. Keri wore about a hundred pins in her hair, all in pastel colors to add a dash of girly to the look. It’s cute and sweet, cool and casual.

Caitlyn Warakomski

Instagram Handle: @caitlynwarakomski

About Caitlyn:

Growing up near New York City, it’s impossible not to get influenced by its fashion. Caitlyn started How Do You Wear That in June of 2015 as “advice for women, a daily lookbook for Caitlyn’s own personal style, and a place for women in their early 20s to learn how to feel comfortable in their own skin.” She’s a graduate of Temple University and is educated in the field of digital marketing. As such, Caitlyn understands the essentials of blogging, and has grown her brand in record time. Some of Caitlyn’s most notable collaborations include Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, French Connection, Coach, Forever21, Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Henri Bendel. She started her blog as a business and it’s safe to say, business is booming!

Our Favorite Look:

Leopard is usually reserved for the more extra among us. While Caitlyn has definitely had her share of fabulous moments, we’re loving the way she dressed this down. A leopard print wrap skirt in a silky material was paired with a black tank top that had a red graphic and cut-off sleeves. Adding to the casual vibe, black and white Vans-style lace up sneakers and black sunglasses. It’s rock n’ roll with a little bit of fashion, we’re definitely coming along for this ride!

Lillie Morales

Instagram Handle: @jerseyfashionista

About Lillie:

With a passion for business, fashion, writing and photography, fashion blogging only seems like the natural path for Lillie. With an everlasting love for fashion that started from the time she could flip through magazines, “At age 9 declared she’d study fashion one day and fought with her mom every morning about what to wear.” Lillie is a true fashionista at heart and uses her platform to inspire others with her love and penchant for all things fashion. “I want to inspire YOU, my readers to be the best version of yourselves-because you’re beautiful baby. And don’t you forget it.”

Our Favorite Look:

While we’d love to live in sunshine all the time, Lillie’s outfit is the perfect juxtaposition to those days where the sun is in hiding. A pleated black circle skirt and black structured bag are the only dark things about the outfit. Her bright yellow top is a dose of happiness while adorable snakeskin booties and a strategically placed hair clip.

Jen Jeffery

Instagram Handle: @itsjenjeffery

About Jen:

“Let’s just say I’m a girl who wears many hats… Actually, let’s go with dresses since those don’t mess up my bangs…” Jen works as a copywriter by day, fashion blogger by night and mom all day. She’s the girl who lives outside the lines, saying what she things and wearing what she feels. Her boldness and eclectic style allow Jen to look like she spent a month’s salary on an outfit when, in reality, it was less than a day’s worth. She encourages her readers to be like her, enjoying and embracing their individuality. “I hope you find something inspiring here.”

Our Favorite Look:

Jen is determined to live her life COLORFULLY. She injects brightness into everything she touches, even if it seems too simple. This outfit is big and bold in a subtle way. It’s wild enough for Jen, plain enough for every day, and definitely making its way into our closet. There’s nothing groundbreaking about a pink shirt tucked into a pair of dark jeans. But pairing it with a plum colored coat, slouchy pink beret and light pink heart-shaped sunnies, now that’s something only Jen can come up with!

Erika Batista

Instagram Handle: @byerikabatista

About Erika:

In 2014, just three years after starting to blog, Erika made the change from blogging as a hobby to doing it as a business. Growing well beyond her wildest expectations, By Erika Batista is Erika’s space to share all things involved in her life as a millennial mom of two. “What fulfills me the most about this blogging journey is to know I am connecting with so many women who are just like me; moms, wives, boss babes and go-getter fashionistas who love to take care of their families and homes while working hard for what they love.” Erika understands what it takes to be a working mom in today’s world, and has the tips, tricks and advice to help make everyone’s life as pretty as hers.

Our Favorite look:

Layering is an essential technique for the unpredictable weather during the springtime, and Erika does it effortlessly. An oversized yellow blazer is layered on top of a white bralette-style top with ruffles and a tiny flower pattern. Wide-leg cropped jeans with frayed edges and a pair of yellow block heel sandals round out the look that we’re currently shopping for! So whether it's hot, cold or both, this outfit has got you covered!

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