Jaqueline Spadoni Makes Motherhood Look Good!
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Jaqueline Spadoni Makes Motherhood Look Good!

Who says motherhood can't include a great sense of style? Not fashion blogger and social media influencer Jaqueline Spadoni! Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, this Manhattan-based mother of multiple boys is taking everyday "mommy fashion" to new heights. Striving for both affordability and function in addition to high style, Spadoni's looks are comfortable while incorporating bold prints with neutral tones. She's also a go-to authority on beauty tips (especially when it comes to nails!) and maternity health for the modern day mom.

You can learn more about Spadoni by checking out her website and fashion blog, Estacao modea e beleza. But be sure to check out her instagram (@jaquelineespadoni) for a full selection of her best looks! 

In the meantime, we've pulled a few of Spadoni's best fashion-forward, everyday mom looks for you to browse:

Leopard Print Blazer Over Neutral Colors

Leopard print always stands out whether you're pregnant or not, but we love how Spadoni made her leopard print blazer even more of an eye-catcher by putting it over a neutral tone shirt. The black pants also help the whole outfit pop. The addition of the brown crossbody handbag is a nice touch, and of course, leopard print always looks extra cool when paired with a nice pair of sunglasses

There's honestly not much we would change about this look when adapting it for ourselves, And depending on the occasion, you can choose to dress this look up a bit by adding a necklace. A wide variety of hairstyles would also work well with this one. If you want to go really outside of the box, try a different bold print blazer.  

Long Floral Sweater with Brown Cami and Skinny Jeans

This look appears so comfortable in the middle of pregnancy, but we'd also love to have it on hand any time! It's beautiful and comfy-casual, and we could see it working just as well with boots as it does here with Spadoni's pair of pale close toed slight platform sandals. The long, flowing floral top is the main attraction of this outfit though, and it looks like it was inspired by a kimono. The skinny jeans help keep the look casual and grounded. 

If you want to make this look even more casual, opt for a pair of dark leggings. For going out and about during the day, we see a broad rimmed hat adding an extra sense of whimsy to this outfit. 

Orange Dress with Black Belt and Black Hat

This outfit works great for both summer and fall! It appears simple at first, but Spadoni made some unique choices here that work together beautifully. Not only do we love her orange dress, but the black belt around her upper waist is a nice touch for pregnant and non-pregnant women alike. The black hat coordinates wonderfully with this of course. 

Nevertheless, one of the most eye-catching aspects of this whole outfit is the piece that does not necessarily coordinate with the other items. Our eyes are subtly drawn to Spadoni's pearl bracelet, and once we spot it we can't stop looking away! When you're looking to adapt this outfit for your own use, you can definitely play around with the colors (if orange isn't your thing, go with another bold color). However, it's worthwhile to take a note out of Spadoni's book and add in a piece of un-coordinating statement jewelry for a finishing touch! 

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