It's Julien is All About Inspiration for Effortless Style
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It's Julien is All About Inspiration for Effortless Style

We love featuring mothers with fashion blogs because their style tends to be as realistic and functional as it is trendy. Today, we're featuring a mom from Washington D.C. who also happens to be a dedicated style blogger. She wants her followers to be inspired to take on effortless style trends that look as great as they are functional. Garman's looks focus on flowing dresses and shirts, ranging from crisp white and cream colors to bold and bright oranges and reds. Her outfits are beautiful, but they move well and work for a wide variety of day to day situations. Her go-to shoes are lightly colored sneakers and casual sandals. 

Through sharing her own outfits, Garman hopes that her audience will have the courage to find their own inner sense of style, try new trends and feel confident wherever they go and in whatever they're wearing! Check out her blog, It's Julien for her inspiring blog posts and fashion tips. We also highly recommend visiting her Instagram, @JulienGarman, for a full colorful collage of her outfits. In the meantime, we've pulled a couple of her best outfits for your enjoyment here.

White Tee with Strappy Red Dress

We're definitely feeling some classic vibes with this look here, but it's also very now. The bright red spaghetti strap dress is fantastic on its own, but Garman makes it casual and functional for daytime wear by adding a solid white tee underneath. It's a simple outfit when you think about it, but the effect is beautiful. This is a look that works well in a wide variety of situations. 

You can make this outfit your own by changing up the colors (if you want) and playing around with your hairstyle. Garman wears her hair back here, but we think that down and flowing would work well too, as would a wide variety of other looks. As for footwear, Garman's wearing white sandals here, but you can wear sneakers if you want to go extra casual.

Floral Pants with Horizontal Striped Shirt and Slip On Sandals

We love how Garman paired two contrasting prints that somehow work very well together (and they're also great on their own). The light floral pants are breezy and give off nothing but spring and summer vibes, and the horizontal blue and white striped tee provides added dimension and intrigue. Both pieces are pretty simple in design, but paired together they make for an exciting daytime outfit. Garman finishes the look off with a pair of slip on sandals.

You can play around with the prints here when you are adapting this look for yourself, but don't be afraid to take a little inspiration for Garman in the process. On that note, you can try prints that might appear to contradict each other at first, but see the excitement that comes once they're paired together. Try adding a belt too for a touch of deeper color and to add some more dimension.

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