Holly Gery turns work fashion choices into magazine-ready masterpieces
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Holly Gery turns work fashion choices into magazine-ready masterpieces

The fashion catalogs of yesterday were beautiful to behold. Page after glossy page filled with sophisticated women in carefully curated and coordinated ensembles. Some stare out from sets of white while others stand poised to take on a work day, cross a city street or stroll through a park. All were forever frozen in a state of fashion perfection. Holly Gery manages to capture those same vibes for a new generation.

At The Glossy Lemon website and on her Instagram @hollygery, Holly lets readers and followers into her life as a mom, Californian and professional woman trying to bring a new edge to traditional corporate fashions. In addition to sharing outfits you will want to recreate, Holly talks about her two children, family life, recipes, fun shopping finds and everyday explorations like teeth whitening. When discussing her personal style, Holly says she doesn't wear couture and can spend a weekend at home living in running clothes. However, she loves to challenge work wear by altering the rule book for business attire.

Snapping out of a clothing rut

Some days getting out of bed is a chore, and sometimes picking an appropriately fashionable outfit is equally difficult. On days when she is feeling uninspired, Holly said she goes back to basics. In a May Instagram post, she advised. "I threw on basics (black pants and a silk blouse) with a fun and interesting cropped jacket. Always helps put a little pep in my step."

The cropped jacket also features a beautiful pop of color with a warm raspberry hue. Two pockets on either side add additional depth to a traditional cut, and a white silk shirt below creates a cool contrast. Fitted black pants, a neutral tote and dark heels added even more polish despite being readily accessible professional wardrobe staples.

Keeping it casual at home

Weekend casual means different things to different people. As Holly states on her blog, she loves to run and may spend a weekend in workout attire depending on her family's needs. However, you can stay comfy at home while still putting a bit of effort into your attire. In January, Holly sported a beautiful long-sleeve denim button-down shirt. While her top was possibly chambray, any of your favorite button-downs, including flannel, help create a casual home outfit. Add a stretch pair of denim, and your outfit can even extend past dinner with dessert.

Work it at Work

Dressing for the job can be expensive, which makes it best to source outfit elements capable of pulling double-duty on the home front. For a spring and summer ready work ensemble, Holly opted for a flowing, pleated skirt with muted greens forming geometric patterns. For a day at the office, a dark gray tote and dark heels were used as accessories while a white sweater served as a preppy top. As Holly noted, the same skirt could be style down for the weekend with a simple white T-shirt and canvas sneakers

It may often feel like the office has a template for fashion, and to be certain, most corporate environments do have expectations for employee dress and behavior. However, these codes are rarely so rigid that you cannot introduce more of your personality into your outfit choices. As Holly suggests, play with textures, add a scarf in your favorite print or wear your favorite shirt layered under other professional pieces. When the weekend arrives, embrace the opportunity to be all you and wear what makes you happy — sweats or running clothes included.

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