Gold Coast Girl is a Chicago Style Guide
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Gold Coast Girl is a Chicago Style Guide

Chicago style comin' atcha! And no, we don't mean the writing style guide. This is modern-day street style brought to you by fashion and lifestyle blogger Samantha. Based in the Windy City, this Chicago fashion and lifestyle blogger is all about embracing life, motherhood and modern day style trends.

Just take a look at her blog, Gold Coast Girl. Samantha takes in inspiration from her busy life as a mom in Chicago who also travels frequently around North America. Her style ranges from modern sleek and stylish to contemporary comfort. Her looks also fit a wide variety of occasions, which of course is essential to the world of modern-day motherhood. Be sure to check out Samantha's instagram page, @gold_coast_girl for the full range of her fun and vibrant street wear outfits, but in the meantime keep scrolling to get a preview of them here.

Floral Hot Pink Maxi Dress with Denim Jacket

We love bold colors on maxi dresses, and this particular hot pink maxi dress with a pink floral print is just about as bold as it gets! It's one that not everyone would dare pull off, but it could fit a wide variety of occasions nonetheless. The addition of a denim jacket helps to both complete the outfit and add a casual feel to it. Samantha finishes this look off with a woven crossbody bag (the perfect choice to balance a long maxi dress with), slip on sandals and a nice pair of sunglasses

If you're looking to adapt this look for your own purposes, don't be afraid to branch out on the colors. This look may feature bright pink, but we feel it could also work very well with bright red, green, blue and more. Go with whatever color speaks to you and evokes joy. Feel free to play around with the accessories here, but keep things relatively simple so the dress really stands out on its own.

Black Leather Jacket with White Tee, Black Pants and Sandals

By themselves, each piece in this outfit appears to be pretty simple. However, when paired together they make for one fantastic trendy outfit. Both the black leather jacket and black pants are fierce, while the white tee underneath just helps them pop. 

When making this outfit your own, the obvious choice may be to pair the jacket and pants with a pair of matching black booties. While this ensemble would definitely look good, notice how Samantha took things in a different direction with a pair of beige sandals. Nevertheless, you should feel free to adapt and shape this look further by playing around with the style of shoe in addition to the color. We feel like some high heels or booties could work well here too. 

As for hairstyles, we love how this fashionista is wearing her locks down and flowing. Nevertheless, we feel an updo or a thick braid could work wonders here. 

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