'Get Your Chic On' is Here to Help You Do Just That
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'Get Your Chic On' is Here to Help You Do Just That

Shantell Robertson is not your average fashion and lifestyle influencer. Why? Because while many others in her league started their careers in fashion or design school and always made it a focal point of their professional lives, Shantell Robertson was too busy in her career as a law enforcement officer. That's right, Get Your Chic On is the website of a former police officer in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. She has devoted the past several years to the fashion world, however, though one look at her website had us thinking she'd been in the industry for much longer!

Browse through Robertson's website or her endlessly beautiful looks on her instagram page (@shantellrobertson), and you'll see a collection of envy-worthy dresses in light colors and prints, chic jackets and great collection of handbags. We've gone ahead and pulled a few of her best looks here to give you a preview!

Black Leather Jacket with White Lace Dress

In this photo, taken by Marisa Kinney Photography, Robertson took two pieces that normally are not paired together at all! The black leather jacket is embellished, studded and thoroughly edgy, while the long white lace dress underneath is undeniably elegant and feminine. Together, they make for one chic look! Notice how she did not add any jewelry because both pieces are so strong on their own. 

And of course, it's hard not to love the fact that Robertson finished this look off with a martini and a smile. 

You don't have to use these exact same pieces when adapting this look for yourself. Rather, this is an outfit with ideas that can be easily borrowed. The next time you want to do something different and unexpected, take a note from Robertson and try pairing two seemingly opposite pieces together!

Flowing Dress with Denim Jacket and Pointed Flats

Here is another example of Robertson expertly pairing some unexpected pieces together to create a chic outfit. The denim jacket works almost surprisingly well when draped over this lovely flowing dress with a front tie. We also love how she went with a pair of pointed flats in a similar shade to the dress, making the outfit more polished and complete.

While a wide variety of hairstyles could definitely work here, we have to say that we really love the high bun that Robertson chose. The go-to hairstyle for a look like this would be long and flowing for a lot of people, but the high bun is both unexpected and incredibly sleek! You can make this outfit your own by switching out the color of the dress and doing your own version of the high bun.

Button-Down Dark Dress with Beige Shoes and Beige Handbag

This dark button-down dress is lovely and could work for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Here, Robertson has it dressed up nicely for a daytime event with the sleek updo and coordinating, sleek beige pumps

But it doesn't stop there, Robertson paired this look with a beautiful beige handbag that just about matches the shoes in color! It's a beautiful look that can easily be adapted into a wide range of color shades. The key takeaway here is that coordinating your shoes and handbag is always a great go-to, and if you want to keep things really sleek and chic, opt for a tight, slicked-back hairstyle or a pair of the hottest sunglasses brands.

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