Get Fashion Tips from an Industry Pro on Elleoquent Style!
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Get Fashion Tips from an Industry Pro on Elleoquent Style!

Erica LeBow (neé Erica Ramos) is not just a weekend style influencer or a part-time fashionista. Instead, she's a full time industry pro in New York who has her own company and years of experience in the world of fashion. Her company, Elle Apparel Operations, manages the back office operations side of multiple apparel brands, so it's safe to say she knows her way around putting together outfits that catch the eye and keep up with modern trends.

So, where does her website come into all this? Even those actually working in the fashion industry need their own creative, expressive outlets! LeBow created her website and blog, Elleoquent Style as just that, and she regularly posts on outfit ideas and shopping advice, and her instagram page by the same name (@elleoquentstyle) is filled with trendy looks for both working women and those who just want a cute outfit for a chill weekend. 

While LeBow is all about helping her audience put together great outfits at lower costs they can actually afford, she also wants people to know what items they shouldn't be afraid to splurge on. Her mantra is "spend on the bags, shoes and jewelry" because those are they items that will actually last for long periods of time and won't go out of style (at least not as fast as other items). You'll see a mix of awesome, timeless accessories and trendy clothes in the LeBow looks we've gone ahead and pulled here.

White Lace Kimono with Light Wash Jeans, White Tank and Blue Handbag

Show of hands, is there anyone that actually does not like this look? How could anyone not-- it's gorgeous! The white lace kimono is absolutely stunning, and it's unexpected for a day look yet works so well here with the light wash denim jeans and simple white tank. It's an easy, breezy look that still screams high style for either spring or summer.

She finishes the look off with a stylish light blue handbag that pops really well against the white lace, yet is complemented by the color of the jeans. And of course, a good pair of sunglasses goes with everything! 

You can be daring here and add a pop of more color by changing up the tank. If you have a brightly colored handbag that's not blue, for instance, try pairing it with a tank that's a similar shade. A wide variety of footwear would work here, though we'd most love to see this with a pair of light peep-toe wedges

Ruffled Pink Maxi Dress with Statement Earrings and Woven Handbag

This beautiful warm day look is both retro and modern, appealing to a wide range of tastes and conventions yet at the same time defying them! LeBow always wears the trendiest dress brands, and this frilly, ruffled pink maxi dress is obviously the main attraction here. We love how LeBow wore a pink headband to match it! The flower statement earrings are an extra bold touch that make this look memorable.

LeBow wears high-heeled brown sandals here that help keep the look grounded. That said, we feel she could have gotten away with coordinating them as well in either pink or another light hue. 

The woven handbag is a whimsical touch, and it even has a pink bag charm to help it match the overall outfit even more. You can change up the colors of this look to make it your own (don't go with pink if that color doesn't speak to you), but be sure to pick one color and coordinate it throughout the ensemble to achieve the same vibe.

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