Finding Fashion Post Birth with Love and Styles
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Finding Fashion Post Birth with Love and Styles

Genesis Aguilar is a fashionista who also recently became a mother. Yes, you read that right. While we normally feature fashion bloggers and influencers who are either fully into motherhood or living and loving the child-free lifestyle, today we're focusing on a brand new mama who already has years of blogging under her belt. We love Aguilar because she's been brutally honest about her journey before, during and after, and we're definitely planning on following her blog Love and Styles well into the future.

Aguilar's style is both comfy and stylish, incorporating bold prints and colors with solid earthy tints. It looks both familiar and fashion forward, speaking to a wide range of people and generations. We've gone ahead and pulled some of Aguilar's best recent looks here, but definitely check out her instagram (@gen.styles) for some major inspiration!

Overalls with Frilled Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and Platform Sandals

This look actually works for a wide variety of women, whether you're a mother, pregnant or childfree! Aguilar dressed up the overall shorts (also known as a denim romper) with a lovely frilly off-the-shoulder black blouse. No need for bright prints here-- the bold blue of the denim contrasts well with the black blouse and makes both colors really pop. You can experiment with the colors when making this look your own, but we recommend going with ones that have a similar level of contrast. 

While you can definitely play around with other types of footwear with this look, we love Aguilar's platform sandals. They're the perfect cross between high fashion and comfort. She finishes of the look with a classic pair of metallic hoop earrings

As for hair, we think Aguilar nails it with the side swept ponytail. But if you're looking to branch out, try a long braid or a messy bun.

Red Sleeveless Top with Cargo Pants and Strappy Heels

The red sleeveless top is what really pops when looking at this outfit, but we really love how Aguilar made some unexpected pairings to create one stunning look. It's a dressy, eyecatching look that stuns even more because Aguilar chose to add in cargo pants. While she could have easily completed this look with a pair of sneakers or even flip flops, the strappy heels makes this look appear even more surprisingly dressy. 

Play around with the colors of this look to make it your own, but we recommend sticking with a shirt color that pops. If you want to really shake things up, try a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans in lieu of the cargo pants.

Button-down Longsleeved Tee with High Rise Shorts and Booties

It's hard to believe this influencer became a mom just weeks before she took this photo, but that's the truth! She's completely rocking this look, but at the same time we can see how it is sneakily comfortable. 

The high-rise striped shorts are the main draw here, and they are complemented perfectly with the striking button-down white longseleeved Tee. She finishes it off with a great pair of go-to black booties!

Obviously you can play around with the colors here to make this look your own, but you can also make other adjustments. Shorts not your thing here? Try a pair of high-waisted striped pants

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