Fall in Love with Yourself with Traveling Fashionista Kristin Simon
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Fall in Love with Yourself with Traveling Fashionista Kristin Simon

You can wear the coolest clothes in the world, but none of it will truly look good if you aren't in touch with yourself. At least that's what we can't stop thinking after reading through Kristin Simon's website, Pink Neon Lips. This New York native isn't your typical fashionista. Rather than tethering herself to big city life or focusing on one niche of the fashion world, Simon is a self-described digital nomad who spends her time exploring and learning new things along the way. Oh, but we will say she looks great while doing it! 

Pink Neon Lips advocates for self discovery and expression, and there are just as many self-care posts as there is fashion inspiration. It's also hard not to get lost-- or found-- in Simon's photos of her looks from her worldly travels. It makes us want to pack our bags, and our best flowy dresses and hats, right now!

But don't take our word for it. See for yourself on Simon's instagram (@pinkneonlips), which she has organized into photo categories of locations she's been all over the world. In the meantime, here are a few of Simon's best looks to help you get better acquainted with her:

Jean Jacket with Bandeau Top and Print Skirt

This is the perfect fun-feminine-casual look that we'd all like to pull off during a daytime adventure. We love Simon's print midi skirt with light fringe and her envy-worthy bandeau / cami top with a twist tie front. She finishes off the look with a cute pair of sneakers, a light-colored kind of pair that always look fun and pair really well with both florals and denim! Speaking of denim, are denim jackets ever really not in season? 

We'd love to steal this look for any day walking by the beach (or anywhere it's breezy, for that matter). But stealing outright is wrong. Instead, you can express your own personality by finding a print midi skirt that suits your own tastes. And if sneakers aren't your thing, we feel this look could go even more free-flowing with sandals

Colorful Striped Shorts with Graphic Tee and Blue-Gray Jacket

Not only is it really hard not to feel the joy coming from Simon in this photo, but it's also impossible not to want to emulate her colorful, casual-fun look here! Obviously, the multi-color, drawstring striped shorts here are the real focal point. That said, we're really loving the whole ensemble. Graphic tees are always a casual go-to, and that jacket she's wearing looks not only cute, but very comfortable! And who doesn't love a classic broad-rimmed hat? Make this look your own by incorporating your own favorite graphic tee and lightweight jacket. 

Camouflage Jacket with Distressed Jeans

It's simple, yet bold, and we love it! We love the free, edgy look of distressed jeans, though the real winner here is her open camouflage jacket with nothing underneath! It's a daring look for sure, but it's simple enough so you can easily adapt it for everyday wear. Her decision to add in a pair of sunglasses only makes sense. 

To make this look your own, try adding a solid white tee (or a graphic tee, for extra edge) under a camouflage jacket. Want to keep it simple? Try an all-camo blouse top. Feel free to mix things up with some jewelry as well. 

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