Elizabeth Savetsky; One More Accessory, Always
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Elizabeth Savetsky; One More Accessory, Always

We live our whole life apologizing. “I’m sorry I’m late” “I’m sorry my kids are so loud” “I’m sorry I bumped into you with my shopping cart and spilled your $5 latte”. Instead of being apologetic, be grateful-it’s so much more flattering. “Thank you for waiting for me” “Thank you for understanding”. Elizabeth Savetsky adds one thing to that list. She is unapologetically over-the-top and grateful for the ability to overdress.

An Upper East Side mom of two, wife of a plastic surgeon sounds like a character straight out of Gossip Girl. And on the surface, with a feed full of curated pretty pictures, she is. But through her Excessories Expert blog and Instagram, Elizabeth shows us that there is so much more to who she is. A mom of two girls, Stella and Juliet, who isn’t afraid to get silly, the wife of a plastic surgeon, Ira, who works long into the night, on weekends and holidays. Elizabeth has a fierce strength, a deep soul and a really good singing voice, all wrapped up in sequins, glitter, feathers and one more accessory. Always.

Our Favorite Looks:

Some dresses are spectacular. They're red-carpet worthy pieces of art that tell a story all on their own. When most girls wear a dress like that, they don't think much in the way of accessories. A simple pair of sandals and an understated clutch? Our first instinct is to let the dress shine. But Elizabeth Savetsky knows how to work with spectacular accountrements to complement the dress and tell her own version of the story. A silver sparkly number with overly puffed shoulders, a short hem and bejewled neckline doesn't need any help making a statement. But with the addition of PVC pumps with a silver front, chunky rhinestone and silver earrings and matching hairpins, the dress was taken to a whole new level. A sparkly multi-colored Chanel clutch in pastel hues added a subtle personality to the fabulous ensemble.

Matching top and bottom sets are all the rage. They generally don't need any thought and look cute without any effort. But, true to her fashion nature, Elizabeth found a way to kick it up a notch. She started with a pair of shorts and a sleeveless crop top with tassels in a striped pattern. Beaded slides and matching beaded hair clips added a cute element. White heart shaped sunglasses and a PVC Chanel bag in bright colors gave the outfit a fun punch that it didn't need but we're so happy it had! Forget about flowy cardigans and gladiator sandals, THIS is how you show up to a beach party.

We chose this look because it's a fantastic outfit but more so, the caption of the post resonated with us. In it, Elizabeth speaks to women about social media and her experiences. She admits it's a dangerous space that breeds jealousy, but encourages the positive aspects of it. " I want to encourage young women to be unapologetically themselves. To be authentic. To stand up for what they believe in. To stop contemplating other people’s opinions and stop overthinking. To feel good enough without having to emulate..." A statement to emulate and an outfit to do the same. Elizabeth wore a white shirt with a bow detail tucked into a lightweight floral tiered skirt. A black belt, sand colored booties with a black cap toe, and heart shaped dangle earrings rounded out the classy look that we'd wear anywhere!

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