Elissa and Cristina Tackle Daring Street Fashion in Their P.D.A. Blog
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Elissa and Cristina Tackle Daring Street Fashion in Their P.D.A. Blog

Meet our new favorite California fashion duo! Elissa and Cristina met early on at college and bonded over their love of fashion and great everyday styles. It was only when they were about to graduate, however, that they came up with the idea of launching their own joint-venture fashion blog. After much planning and many late nights, the two launched their website and blog Public Display of Apparel or "#PDA" in 2015 and have only kept moving forward!

Their looks are very much street fashion with high fashion, catwalk inspirations. Browse through their instagram (@publicdisplayofapparel) and you'll see many outfits that look like they jumped right out of a magazine. Most of their looks are done as coordinating paired outfits, adding extra intensity to each look. 

For a preview, take a peek at the looks we've gone ahead and pulled for your perusal here!

Rocking Streetwear Style!

Both outfits featured here make for some seriously fierce streetwear style. On the left we have a bright solid color, sleeveless yellow top with wide leg raw hem denim jeans and white boots, while on the right we have a simple white tee with long side button jogging pants and strappy black heels. On their own, each look makes for a cool and casual yet refined streetwear look, but put together this duo looks downright unstoppable! 

Each of these looks is completed with long, flowing hairstyles and sleek black leather handbags. If you and a friend are looking to make this your own, be sure to select colors that both contrast and complement each other. You can also take a note from Elissa and Cristina and go with totally different fabrics, as long as they give off the same edgy vibes. 

If you're just looking to adapt these looks for yourself, feel free to mix and match the components of each outfit. They complement each other well after all! 

Frilled Dresses and Booties!

And now for a dressier look than the streetwear above, this coordination features two tiered, longsleeved ruffle dresses paired with booties! These are not the same dresses in different colors, but they are similar enough in that they look like it at a glance. 

We love how the white dress on the left is accessorized well with a black belt and black booties, while the purple dress on the right gets more dimension from the white cami peeking out underneath and the corresponding white booties. You and a friend can definitely recreate this look for your own while still playing around with the colors of your choice. Just be sure to coordinate! 

If you're doing this look by yourself, we recommend going with slightly more accessories. For example, you can opt for both a belt and a cami (if the design of the dress allows for it) that match your shoes. Consider adding a pair of the most fashionable sunglasses as well for extra fun! 

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