Dreaming Loud: Fashion With A Healthy Twist
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Dreaming Loud: Fashion With A Healthy Twist

It's easy to feel sometimes like living a healthy life and living a glamorous one are mutually exclusive. Blogger Surekha, the editor of the site Dreaming Loud, is here to show you that you can have both. She loves fashion and her style is very classy and feminine. However, she also is incredibly passionate about living a conscious life by using green products. Surekha, or Suri for short, has built a life that makes her happy, that she always dreamed of, and wants to inspire you to live a full, happy life as well.

Suri is originally from India but currently lives in Maryland. She works as a software developer, and her style is modest and work appropriate. On her blog, you'll find plenty of fashion inspiration for those who want to be modest but still look trendy. You will also find tons of helpful lifestyle tips - current fashion sales, natural beauty product recommendations, recipes, and even homemade skincare ideas. Suri's tips are very accessible, and will show you that it's easier than you might think to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite outfits that Suri has shared on Instagram.

Cute suits are a must for anyone who works in an office, and here, Suri takes it to the next level with a cute printed blazer and trousers. They feature bright pastel colors that are perfect for spring. Suri wears a white blouse underneath to let the blazer stand out, and pairs the suit with purple pumps to match the spring colors. Bold mirrored glasses add a bit of sassiness for summer.

I am proud of how I started with no pictures of me, with headless shots, to posing comfortably in front of a camera now. I am proud of how I evolved and how I have never changed my morals to get popular.

This sweet, feminine look is totally work appropriate, but would easily transition to a social event after work. The flowy, satin yellow skirt is sweet and flattering, and although it has a pencil cut, it has some flow to it, so it will be comfortable for a long day. Suri's polka dot blouse has ruffled sleeves, which are very on trend right now and add some personality to the outfit. Black polka dot shoes match the top in a subtle way. A small bucket bag adds a summery touch and is big enough for all of your essentials.

This cute and casual outfit is perfect for a laid back weekend day. The combination of a blue denim jacket and white jeans is a classic one that looks great all year round. A light green button down pairs well with both and makes it more springtime appropriate. Suri's pink wedges dress the look up a bit, but other styles from some of the trendiest sandal brands could work too. Long pink earrings are the perfect finishing touch and add a little drama to the look. 

Be sure to follow Suri on Dreaming Loud and on social media for more outfits and healthy lifestyle tips.

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