'Dear D'Arcy' is the Fashion World's 'Dear Abby'
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'Dear D'Arcy' is the Fashion World's 'Dear Abby'

As a former fashion boutique owner and personal stylist, California girl D'Arcy Vandenberg has years of experience helping customers find outfits and accessories that work uniquely for them. Nevertheless, it was being a woman in her forties who frequently fields questions about what she does to take care of herself and stay stylish in middle age that caused Vandenberg to realize what fashion and beauty consumers really needed-- a blog where all their questions could be answered!

A modern Dear Abby with an eye for all things style, Dear D'Arcy is unique in that the audience is invited to actively participate. Vandenberg is always happy to share her tips and tricks for beauty, trends and even interior design (which she also has experience in), but it's of course fashion where she really shines. Her looks are bright and playful, and she frequently combines bold solid colors with light and airy prints. Whether she's headed to the gym or visiting Las Vegas, she's always on point! 

We've gone ahead and pulled some of our favorite D'Arcy Vandenberg looks here, but check out her instagram (@darcyvandenberg) for more awesome outfits!

Off-the-Shoulder Pink Shirt with Animal Print Scarf and Distressed Jeans

We're really digging this playful street wear look, and it works for almost any season. The main attraction is the long sleeve off-the-shoulder light pink shirt, its slight ruffles on the bottom giving it subtle dimension. Complementing it perfectly is the silk animal print scarf tied around her neck, which we feel would not work as well as it does if the shirt was not a solid color. Vandenberg finishes this great daywear look off with a light wash pair of distressed jeans and some oversized sunglasses

We love this look as it is, but if you're making it your own you can change of the shirt and scarf colors. We do still recommend sticking with a solid color shirt and print scarf, but it will help if the scarf contains some spots of color that match the hue of the shirt. No heavy jewelry is needed here thanks to the scarf! As for shoes, we see just about anything working here, but you can totally rock this outfit in a pair of booties

Light Blue Rain Jacket with Distressed Jeans, Orange Shirt and Sandals

This look is simple overall, but the beautiful inside print of that light blue rain jacket really caught our attention. Notice how Vandenberg showcased it without going overboard on the rest of the outfit items. The distressed skinny jeans work as a great base for most street wear looks, and the simple geometric pattern on that orange shirt adds a subtle display of intrigue. Notice how Vandenberg added an extra splash of color with the light brown clutch bag. She finishes this look off with a pair of brown sandals, a surprising addition to an outfit with a rain jacket (but we're really liking it). It's a great outfit that plays off of alternating cool and warm colors! 

You can easily make this outfit your own by alternating the colors. Just be sure to incorporate both warm and cool colors in order to make this look stand out and have the same playful feel. For example, we feel that a hot pink shirt could be a great substitute for the orange shirt. 

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