Dashing Darlin: Where Style is Shared and Beauty is Celebrated
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Dashing Darlin: Where Style is Shared and Beauty is Celebrated

When it comes to sharing photos, people do it for others to see. But when it comes to why they want to share photos, there are two reasons. Some girls post so others see how fabulous their life is. Vacationing in Mykonos, strolling around in Chanel and lunching in the city. This kind of posting induces jealousy and inadequacy. It shuts people out while simultaneously making them want to come in. The second kind of posting is to spread the fabulous. To share the cheap airline tickets and Chanel steals. To inspire others to live their best life and cultivate a community where everyone appreciates each other; where style is shared and beauty is celebrated. Angelle lives to inspire, loves to celebrate and is always ready to share.

Angelle lives in Louisiana with her husband of 18 years and their four children. " I am a wife and momma by day, and a blogger by night. It’s seriously a dream job." The 80's kicked off Angelle's fashion bug and while she's graduated from massive hairdos and neon leggings, Angelle's trendsetting has only grown. After years of fielding questions about where she got this and that, Angelle created a space where she could share it all. Through Dashing Darlin's blog and instagram, she embraces each woman and her individuality and promotes the freedom to be who you are. " True beauty comes from within, but style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

Our Favorite Looks:

In the instagram era where everything you see and everyone you meet it highly curated, it's difficult to feel like you're measuring up. It's even more difficult to know real from fake and right from wrong. But heels on a casual Sunday? Wrong wrong wrong! No one wants to be thinking about their feet when the sunshine and laughter is all around. Angelle's outfit is something we're obsessing over because it's cute, casual and so super chic. A floral maxi dress with ruching on the top and sleeves and a wide open neckline is sweet and effortless. Her rope bag and straw hat add a boho style element while (our favorite part) white sneakers are on trend and on point. It's the perfect outfit for looking and feeling good.

As moms (or as humans, really) we have a love/hate relationship with our bodies. Some days we're feeling super cute and ready to conquer the world in nothing but a bikini top and tiny shorts. Other days, even a heavy duty sleeping bag will do nothing to hide the bloat. In the summertime or on vacation, it can be hard not to fall into the self-conscious trap. When it seems like everyone around you is a size two and has never seen a cellulite dimple or the line of a stretch mark, wearing anything less than a maxi dress is really hard. Angelle found a fantastic way to compromise, mixing warm weather clothes with a winter body style. A white short sleeve v-neck and high-waisted jean shorts are a nod to the warmth and a lightweight longline cardigan gives beachy vibes while covering up. A pair of camel and gold sandals and a cute hat round out a look that anyone would feel comfortable wearing no matter how they're feeling about their body.

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