Dana Rae Bello is Reinventing Street Trends
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Dana Rae Bello is Reinventing Street Trends

The truth is that great fashion has no age limits. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can start being a fashionista-- and a social media fashion influencer-- at any age! Just look at Dana Rae Bello. While many of her peers started their fashion careers in their 20s or even earlier, Bello got a new lease on life and completely reinvented herself in her 30s! This Atlanta girl moved to New York City in late 2014, launched her fashion and lifestyle website and blog in 2015 and hasn't looked back.

Take a look at her aptly named website, Reinventing Rae or Instagram (@reinventingraenyc), and you'll see just as many photos and posts focused on living life to the fullest as there are style tips and great outfits! We've gone ahead here and pulled some of Bello's best outfits, especially those that really scream living your best life!

Bright Kimono with Skinny Jeans and Wedge Sandals

Not only does this outfit look very comfortable and perfect for running around during the day, but it's also super cute and stylish! The wedge sandals and the skinny jeans are always a great go-to look for sunny days, but it's the flowy, open front kimono here that really shines. 

To capture the spirit of this look for your own sunny days (or for whenever you just need a little extra sunshine in your life), pair some light washed skinny jeans with an oversized cardigan of your choice. We recommend going with whatever bright color or print makes you smile! You can cap off the look with open toe or sandal wedges like Bello, though we also see a fun pair of flat sandals working here as well.

Purple Glitter Dress

This outfit isn't super complicated by any means, but that's only because Bello chose one awesome item as its primary feature! The purple glitter dress is drop dead gorgeous, and the shine is complemented further with asymmetrical line stitching. Bello also manages to make the whole look pop further with a long flowing hairstyle and bold lip. 

If going full glitter or sequins isn't your thing, consider instead a dress with simpler embellishments. We definitely love how eye-catching the purple is here, but it's also understandable if you'd like to opt for another bold color that suits you better, like deep blue, red or even green. Don't forget the champagne!

Green Jacket with Skinny Jeans and Brown Booties

Bello is all about being herself and living a real lifestyle amid her high fashion sense. We love this street style look because it's both fashionable and functional, and it's easy to see how much she likes wearing it! The green jacket brings an earth-tone look to city style, and the brown booties contrast it nicely while providing another earthy color. The denim skinny jeans are a great choice because they serve as a basic palette that allows the other colors of this outfit to stand out more. 

Oh, and how could we ignore that awesome see-through handbag? We love it, but it's also very understandable if you don't want people to see your stuff. If that's the case, consider going for a white or light gray handbag color instead. You can further make this look your own by adjusting the boot height. We see a higher heel also working well here, as well as knee-high versions.

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