Charlotte's Lookbook: Mama Sews Best
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Charlotte's Lookbook: Mama Sews Best

Ask a girl, any girl, about her earliest fashion memories. Her answer will inevitably include a female role model. From the time they can walk, little girls clamor around in the highest of stilettos. They play tea party with mom’s pearls and perfume. A few years down the line and they’re shopping for prom together, mom with tears in her eyes. Fast forward yet some more and this time, mom is dabbing at her eyes with a box of tissues as she watches her daughter emerge from the dressing room floating in a cloud of fluffy white tulle. Yes, every girl has her own identity-something she expresses through the way she dresses. But her innate sense of style, the one that’s a marriage of who she was and where she’s going, that started with her mother. Charlotte Nikitopoulos’s earliest fashion memories come from her mom-literally!

Although she’s made a life for herself in Greece over the past four years, Charlotte Nikitopoulos was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. “Looking back, I realize that my mother was my biggest fashion inspiration. She had an incredible fashion sense. When my sisters and I were small, she MADE us the cutest outfits. I still marvel at how she could copy a design from a magazine, draw the pattern and make the outfit with no formal education in Fashion Design.” 

Charlotte goes on to say that despite being dressed differently than the other children, she never saw herself as less than. On the contrary, Charlotte and her siblings reveled in their role as trendsetters, proudly wearing what their mother sewed. Charlotte left the world of academia for the School of Fashion and launched her blog and Instagram platforms, Charlotte’s Lookbook, to share her knowledge and love of fashion.

In her cover photo, Charlotte is rocking a stunning blue ruffled jumpsuit accessorized with an animal print scarf and awesome sunshine weekender bag from ID PETERS LONDON.

Wild Wild West

This outfit is not for the shy, reserved girl. Literally, there’s not a single piece in this ensemble that you can not make a statement with. Charlotte wore a pair of dark denim high rise jeans with a wide leg cut, white stitching detail and a denim belt tied at the waist. A white short sleeve t-shirt with a multicolored portrait on it was tucked into the jeans while a denim vest added some more character. White western-style boots, a black brimmed hat and a black cross-body put the finishing touches on a look that’s just a few inches short of going over-the-top but still fabulous all the way.

Sequin Statement

If there’s one thing Charlotte Nikitopoulis knows better than how to make an entrance, it’s how to make a slaytment. That’s like a statement but while slaying at the same time. The outfit is perfect for when you want to experiment with a crazy cool outfit but don’t want to show too much skin. Or for when you just want to look fabulously fierce. 

Charlotte wore a blue sequin oversized t-shirt as a dress. She skipped the pants and went straight for thigh-high white boots. A white YSL crossbody was draped across her chest and she wore amazing sunglasses because you can’t take the city without a killer pair of shades.

Mad for Plaid

Suits are for spinsters. Or women who write legal briefs and men who say things like “value line composite index.” Charlotte Nikitopoulos showed us that whoever made up those rules was only kidding. And they had no sense of style. Does a plaid suit sound appealing? Charlotte made it so! She paired the suit with a black blouse that had ruffle detail at the sleeves and a red belt. To complement the belt, a pair of red booties that were made for taking over the world.

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