Casa de Fallon is an Online New York Fashion Destination
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Casa de Fallon is an Online New York Fashion Destination

New York City is often regarded as a fashion desination, but today's NYC hotspot is all online. Casa de Fallon was founded by New York-based style and beauty influencer Fallon Carmichael Santiago. She lives outside Manhattan, in Jersey City, with her husband and two young sons, but she also lives and breathes fashion! Santiago's looks are a blend of practical family-woman style with fashion forward prints and New York sleekness. Her go-to pieces are flowing skirts, snappy jackets and plenty of denim pieces.

Take a look at Santiago's instagram, @casadefallon, for the full range of her awesome outfits (and a lot of fun family photos around the city!). In the meantime, get a preview of her great looks from the ones we've pulled here.

Denim Overalls with White Tee and Pointed Slip-ons

Denim overalls are fully back in style! This is a cheerful, cute look that is going to become your next favorite daytime go-to. Santiago made these overalls appear extra light and airy by pairing them with a simple white tee with short sleeves. Santiago adds dimension and more shape to the look by wearing a pair of pointed slip-ons. If you need to dress it up more though, a pair of heeled sandals from the top sandal brands would work here too. 

She finishes the look off with some bold red lipstick and a pair of sunglasses tucked into her overalls. You can accessorize however you like, but we recommend not going overboard to keep this look feeling light and casual. A wide variety of hairstyles would also work well here, but try some braids for extra dimension and fun.

Gingham Blouse with Long Black Skirt and Woven Hat

We love this nice-casual street wear look! The long black maxi skirt is sleek yet comfortable, and Santiago makes it casual with the addition of a black and white gingham top. Notice how she lets the black and white features stand out on their own with the addition of simple silver jewelry (larger jewelry or other colors would risk overwhelming the look). Need to dress this look up a little? Opt for a white blouse instead of the gingham top. 

Santiago keeps the footwear simple here with a pair of brown sliders, but we feel you can easily pair some black flats or sandals with this look. She finishes the outfit off with a woven hat, but you can mix it up by going with a different hairstyle or a wide headband.

Red Coat with Yellow Blouse and Black Pants

This is a great on-the-go look for those cold weather days! Both the long red coat and the flowing yellow blouse with a tie front are statement pieces that pop on their own. However, Santiago paired them together for one showstopping street wear look! 

Notice how she also made a great choice with the black pants. This allows the colors on top to pop even more while not making the outfit appear too busy. Keep that in mind when adapting this look for yourself. We see black boots working well here for footwear, although you could also be daring and opt for some shoes with colors that coordinate with either the jacket or blouse. As for jewelry, it is best to keep it simple if you're going to go with it at all.

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