Caroline Durkee: It's the Freckled Life and we're living for it!
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Caroline Durkee: It's the Freckled Life and we're living for it!

Any artist will tell you that they’ve never made a mistake while painting, only put paint where they didn’t mean to. And those unexpected surprises often become the focal point, the very thing that makes the art beautiful and unique. Every girl has something they’d like to change about themselves. It could be a crooked smile they hide behind their hands, wide hips covered by long jackets and cardigans, even hair textures tamed by products and styling tools or masked by wigs. Whether it’s little girls trying to scrub off their freckles or older girls covering them with makeup, everyone has an insecurity-something they’d change if they could. But with time comes the realization that the thing that makes us different is also what makes us beautiful. Beauty is confidence, it’s being different and embracing it. Beauty is not looking like the masses, that’s ordinary and it’s boring. Caroline Durkee is far from boring. And she loves her freckles.

Caroline Durkee is a Virginia native who currently calls Brooklyn home. By day she’s a graphic designer for a major fashion retailer but after 6, she moonlights as a blogger. For the past three years, Caroline has been building her blog and Instagram, The Freckled Life. She started her platform because, “I’ve always had a passion for style, shopping, finding the best deals, and honestly pretty much any area of life where I could express my style and personal aesthetic (i.e. beauty, home décor, entertaining, etc.) – and after I realized that not many people were quite like that (to my crazy obsessive extent), I felt it was time to share my point of view.”

City Chic

Being in a city with cobblestone streets and pretty urban vibes automatically turns up your cosmopolitan. But when you think sophistication, it’s usually a boring outfit that looks expensive, requires a snooty expression and includes stilettos. Say you don’t have the budget for a boring outfit and are not a snooty expression kind of girl. Plus, stilettos get stuck in cobblestones. And they hurt. 

Caroline put together an outfit that’s super chic, super city and super comfy. No downtown outfit would be complete without black so that’s where she started. A black t-shirt with white words was tucked into a pair of black pants while adorable black d’orsay flats provided a twist to the outfit with the ankle straps tied in a bow. To bring an element of fun, Caroline added a longline red and white tweed coat and a red handbag. A black and white polka dot headband with a knot in the center brought the city vibes full circle.

Relaxing Weekend

Weekends are not for pants. But going out is not for no pants. So, whether you’re going out for brunch or just taking out the garbage, you’re getting dressed. Caroline’s weekend outfit is the perfect combination of fashion and style without compromising on your essential weekending. A fuzzy sweater clearly states that at the essence of her outfit is the weekend. Black wide leg cropped pants are about as “no-pants” as it gets and black heart shaped sunglasses complete the no makeup look. Caroline accessorized with a tan snakeskin/black crocodile bag and black leather booties with a pointed toe. Weekend or no weekend, this outfit works.

Free Falling

Fall in the city is the best time of year for fashionistas. Coats don’t cover up carefully selected outfits as they do in winter, and it’s not too hot for proper outfits as it is in the summer. The fall is when layering and leggings come out-it’s a whole new dimension of fashion to play with! There’s nothing more classic than the color combination of red white and denim and Caroline wears it in the most untraditional of ways. She tucked a red sweater into a pair of high waisted jeans. A pair of white sneakers and a white round crossbody toned down the outfit while adding a pop at the same time. But the best piece of all is Caroline’s coat. It’s the shade of orange that almost clashes with her red top but matches in a way that makes it crazy and cool. Fall looks good on Caroline.

Caroline Durkee inspires women to embrace their insecurities. She reiterates that their differences are what makes them beautiful. It’s The Freckled Life and we’re living for it!

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